Army Day (15/1/2019)

On this 71st Army day, let us all rise to salute the sacrifices, valour and indomitable will of our fearless men and women who guard our nation’s frontiers.

Medals honoured to one of my close relative who served Indian Army till his death.

Pictures from my Military Summer Camps that i have attended in Tatya Saheb Kore Military Academy (TSKMA) at VinyaNagar (WarnaNagar),Maharashtra in 2006 and Bhosala Military School (BMS) at Nasik in 2009.

“Warriors are not born but made in the Indian Army”.

Army Officers are trained in Officers Training Academy (OTA).

Click the below link to see the photographs posted for the first time with prior permission in my blog of OTA,Chennai campus 👇

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Opinion about my blog from my Niece 😍

I’m so lucky to get a cute review/opinion about my blog ( from my niece on whom I was so craze when she was a new born baby- while i was a 2nd standard school going kid that time 😀😃.

Her review/opinion.

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Pataleshwar cave temple,Pune (Maharashtra).

All cities hide something which is always less explored and most beautiful, one such hidden treasure in the heart of Pune city, the cultural hub of Maharashtra, is Pataleshwar cave temple. 👇

The Pataleshwar Cave Temple is an 8th-century rock-cut shrine hewn by the Rashtrakuta Dynasty. It’s located in Pune and is an ASI protected monument.


  1. This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. Pataleshwar- Patal means ‘Underworld’ and Eshwar means ‘God’.
  2. It has been hewn out from the single rock.
  3. Inside the caves the temple is made from an excavated monolithic rock during the reign of Rashtrakuta Dynasty in 8th century. Many if its stones date back 700 to 800 A.D.
  4. Passages, Circular Nandi Mandapa, massive pillar, crafted pillars, giant circular stones and rotunda roof are the noticeable features of the work of those days.
  5. We can find similarities between the architecture of Pataleshwar caves and Elephanta caves.
  6. According to the legends, the temple was built just in few hours by the Pandavas when they were out in exile and needed a shelter.
  7. The other names of Pataleshwar temple are Panchaleshwar and Bhamburde.

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Water colour painting of the rock cut Pataleshwar temple by British artist Thomas Daniel in 1803.,Courtesy: British Library.

Facts about my book “Contributions Of Thanjavur Maratha Kings-2nd Edition”

Did you know?

Our book Contributions Of Thanjavur Maratha Kings- 2nd Edition was typesetted and aligned by Tamil professionals and was edited by a Muslim editor.The book also includes the write up of Christian missionary who were close to the Thanjavur Raj and the gratitude shown by the Maratha kings to them.
Maratha Kings were not only the patron of temples, but also were the patron of Churches and Mosques.The book is evolved with the professionals of various religious backgrounds worked with/in harmony. They all are also the part of my success for the book.

Visit our website,

#2 Fact

#3 fact

My book ‘Contributions Of Thanjavur Maratha Kings- 2nd Edition’ completes one year from its release. 200+ copies had been sold out in one year.

#4 fact

More than 250+ photographs had been published in my book.

#5 fact

The first edition of my book was released in the year 2015 at Pune,Maharashtra.Only 300 copies were printed and all the copies were sold out within five months.

My visit to Officers Training Academy (OTA),Chennai

The Officers Training Academy,Chennai is one of three pre commission training academies in India which trains future generations of officers for the Indian army. It is unique in that it trains officers for a short service commission and is one of only a handful of academics in the world which trains both gentlemen and lady cadets.Raised as Officers Training school (OTS) in 1963 to train emergency commission officers, the OTA was redesigned as the OTA in 1992. The academy has the capacity to train 750 officer cadets at a time.

The academy is spread over 670 acres and is bifurcated by the river Adyar which runs roughly from South to North through the academy.

Below are the photographs clicked by me during my visit. Thanks to the authorities for the permission. ©Image copyrights reserved.

DCCI office

Coat of arms

Major General V.D. Chowgule, Officiating Commandant and senior most officer is going to retire from his service in few days. He had served our Indian army for more than 38 years. He is the current top most official at OTA, Chennai. We salute you sir.

This block is named after Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj- Shivaji Baton
Obstacles training ground
Cadets cycling

Missile kept for display

History of tanks

War memorial
Road to go on the top of a mountain
Entrance to OTA campus
Cinema theatre
Road on the top of a mountain
View from Eastern bank of river Adyar. Most of the administrative infrastructure is seen. The Acharya training area (ATA) is located on the western bank comprises the training and sports infrastructure of the OTA
Aerial video is posted on my Instagram account, @Pratap_rpb

Panoramic view

Signature of King Serfoji II

Signature of King Serfoji II with the year above the title of the book named “VOYAGES AND TRAVELS TO INDIA,CEYLON,THE RED SEA, ABYSSINIA, AND EGYPT”. (Courtesy: TMSSML) © Copyrights reserved.
My ancestor, King serfoji ll after reading a book, had the habit of signing the book with the date and year (he read). He also use to comment on left Margin (marginal notes) in his own hands expressing his approval or disapproval of the contents of the paragraphs, which reversal his erudite scholarship and command over the foreign languages.
To know about Thanjavur Maratha history, visit If you are interested to know in detail about the kingdoms and rulers of various dynasties who ruled Thanjavur (TN), buy my book titled “Contributions of Thanjavur Maratha kings-2nd edition” on flipkart or Amazon (Purchase link available on given website, in home page).
Save and protect our heritage monuments and history. We Proud Indians have a very rich background and culture.Trace your roots and origin and also try to document it, if you have any evidence/records/proofs/sources etc. Never let it to get fade. There is a famous saying written by Marcus Garvey, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”. Know your roots, every family has a rich background whose ancestors might had left footprints in the society for a good cause. Unfortunately we forget it and don’t even bother to document it. We are satisfied in the present living with handsome income and enjoying father’s or grandfather’s earned lifestyle.

Only few has luck and countless privileges for being part of Royal family/blood or being associated with rich culture,arts and heritage and also to know their ancestor names from the origin of their clan or lineage. Not all has that privilege or luck. And it is their duty to safeguard their privilege, respect and dignity and it is our people’s duty to value, safeguard them and our rich heritage,arts, culture etc.
In modern century, people give importance in certain societies or regions, that are in majority. Which are in minority are not been bothered or given importance. Even if injustice is in majority, then that would be a part of a society or surrounding and a normal thing to follow it. Education, Exposure and Knowledge is the only tool and weapon to understand the right and wrong and also to fight with injustice.
There are also some people in our surroundings who think that if someone talks about history or culture, he or she might be a RSS or BJP person/ideologue or worker. Those brainless people will never knew that if someone belongs to a royal or historical background, history will be in his/her blood and his/her interest and passion. However the result will be rejection of them or not responding them. You cannot take wrong decisions on your false perceptives.
Education and ideology plays an important role. Should maintain it both equally. Good education with a bad or wrong ideologue will never balance our life. Ideology depends on your background, society and with the people with whom you are surrounded with. Choose your background and friends wisely. Being reserved, conservative, orthodox,playing cunning politics, having wrong attitude or moving like a creep, foul play each and every step to achieve something will never help anyone to get succeed or to move forward/further. Such success are temporary.Transparency is the sign of truthfulness. If you are true, loyal and genuine in your work, just make it transparent or public and share it with all simultaneously. That might inspire someone and also someone will follow your footpath and ideas for a good cause. Share your knowledge, informations you feel like sharing with others rather than keeping it within yourself, though certain informations might not be helpful or useful to you, that might be useful or helpful to others. Keep sharing, keep exploring. Good luck to all.
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Pratap Sinh
Sadar Mahal Palace,Thanjavur-613009

Heroes of Chennai awards 2018

My heartfelt thanks to all my friends who had voted for me. It is told that i had got the maximum number of votes among the other deserved award nominees and i am pleased to have the privilege of being the youngest nominee too (age 25) in the arts and culture category. There were also younger nominees in other categories too, some to be named are Pragnanandha Ramesh Babu (age 13),second youngest person to achieve the grandmaster title in chess (sports category) and Tejaswini Ravirajan (age 16) National Gold medalist for last three years in swimming (Para Sports category). Though they might had not won the award (depending or based on Jury’s decision or so and so), they had won people’s heart. What else is needed than winning people’s heart and getting maximum number of votes from your loved ones who values your work and initiatives 😊. You had all made us already a winner and hero.

My sincere thanks to all my friends for your support and love. Your love and support is enough for me to face and tackle all the odds and pessimists in my surroundings.

I heartily congratulate L.S Ramesh ji (age 50+) for winning the heroes of Chennai awards 2018 for arts and culture category. He is the inventor of Music Chakra where anyone can learn to play all carnatic ragas and western scale musics on the keyboard by themselves. India book of records has recognised his music chakra in 2018. His music chakra was appreciated by renowned musicians named Bala MuraliKrishnan, Prince Rama Varma etc.
It is also said that singer SP Balasubramanyam uses this chakra during his concerts and recordings. His music chakra is been used to train children with special needs such as Autism, Downs Syndrome etc. It took 6 years for him to make this chakra. A deserved inventor to receive this award and more awards in future. Best wishes to him.

Once again congratulations to all the participants,nominees and winners. We have a long way to go 😊. Best wishes

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Achievement number ’10’ updated on my website page👉 . Video courtesy and credits to the organiser.


Proud to be one among the nominees for this award. Most of the jurors are educationists. The speciality of this award is, it is clean and credible. It cannot be bought or purchased using influence, recommendation or money. It is the platform where the real heroes are celebrated, honoured for their contribution and achievements.

These days there are some awards given based on influence or recommendation or also on seeing one’s community or status, not on recognising the work or service the one does for the society, humanity or mankind. Even there are some award programs where organisers demand money for honoring an award or felicitation.

If someone purchase an award for oneself or for his/her organisation then what standard or the reputation of that award will remain?

I have seen some people who are capable and achieved in their respected field or contributed to our society- been least bothered, unrecognised or neglected and because of our negligence towards them, they had left our place or society and had flourished and been valued in other place or country where they had settled. Sometimes we lose our real gems or heroes because of our ignorance or attitude.

A real heroes or achievers should be identified and recognised by our society and experts. A meaning of an award is celebrating or officially honoring or recognising the one who had contributed, achieved or worked for a cause or for the upliftment or development of/in our society or place. The standard or a reputation of an award will remain the same when it is pure. Purity is important for its quality.

Heroes of Chennai awards team had given their best to identify the real heroes of Chennai and also gave an option to public to vote for their desired nominees. They had made it transparent to make the platform clean and credible. Hats off to the organising committee and jury members for being real, true and genuine throughout their work process.

Participating is important than winning. Best wishes to all the participants and nominees and hope they will be on cloud nine in their respected field and work.


Pratap Sinh


The first Printing press for Devanagari script was started in South India by King Serfoji II.

In the picture, the logo of the press established by King Serfoji ll called the “Navavidya Kalasala Varnayantra”.

King Serfoji ll started the first printing press in 1805 A.D in Thanjavur with Devanagari script called ‘Navavidya Kalasala Varnayantra’ for producing copies of all great works in languages for wider use and circulation among public.

The journal entitled ‘Indian Antiquary’ volume-1, published in 1872 mentions that King Serfoji’s printing press was the earliest printing press, which was started for Devanagari script printing in whole south India. The Types and blocks were prepared using soft stone and hard wood. Even today the Thanjavur Maharaja Serfoji’s Sarasvati Mahal Library (TMSSML) preserves some of the books printed in press.

The Maratha kings started chatrams for catering and other physical needs of the pilgrims. Raja Serfoji II started school attached to the most of the chatrams under his control and imparted free education to village children. For the use of little children,King Serfoji ordered that the English book like Aesop’s fables to Translate into simple Indian languages in his printing press.

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