Lets start #GuessThePlaceChallenge

After #IceBucketChallenge now its #FitnessChallenge. I got one idea from it.Why don’t we people post some good and rare picture from our surroundings and challenge to recognise that place. Let’s start #GuessThePlaceChallenge. That might atleast spread awareness of the places which is in our locality or surroundings. I will start the game 😊. But I am afraid to tag some people who may (or may no) be conservative or reserved because I knew they will not continue to take the challenge forward nor reply which will result to flop like them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜†. Anyone interested can reply and forward the challenge by posting the picture and tagging someone whom you want to identify the place name.

I challenge my friends and my blog readers to guess the place in the below picture 😊😊. #GuessThePlaceChallenge

Guess the place