Kelvan* arranged by Her Highness Vijayamala Rani Saheb for my father’s wedding at her Palace (now known as Bhavani Mandap,Old Palace) in the year 1979.

In the picture, from left to right, Her Highness Maharani Vijaymala Saheb, my grandfather H.H Prince Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle, my father H.H Prince Serfoji Raja Bhosle, My grandmother H.H Jayamala Rani Saheb.

* Kelvan ceremony is one of the important marriage tradition followed in Marathi wedding. In this ceremony the parents or close relatives of the groom invite his family for the feast and gift are given as a token of love.Same follows at the bride place too before marriage.
This is one of the important traditions that shows love, respect and bond between the families.This tradition is being followed in Marathi wedding from years.

© Photograph from my archives.

Navaratri Golu and other festivals

Today navaratri golu is incomplete without keeping Tanjore dolls in display. Tanjore dolls were brought to Thanjavur by Maratha King Serfoji II in the early 19th century. The kolu tradition was popular among the royal families of Thanjavur and Pudukottai.

Page no: 199 of my book ‘Contributions Of Thanjavur Maratha Kings- 2nd Edition’.

  • Golu at my Neighbour’s house

  • Mylapore Kapaleshwarar temple golu

Panoramic shot.
Rasika Ranjani Sabha,Mylapore.
  • Saraswati Pooja at my home
Prasadam: Kantoli (Kokni Dhondas).
Books i have authored.
  • Ayudha pooja
Sword of honour.

Raja Raja Cholan’s Sadaya Vizha (19,20th Oct 2018)

Raja Raja Cholan born as Arulmozhivarman, the second son of Parantaka Cholan II and Vanavan Mahadevi.He is considered an unequalled monarch who ruled the entire south India. After the death of his brother and crown prince Aditya Karikalan, there was political instability in the country. To put an end to this, Raja Rajan asked his uncle to take over the thrown and ascended it only after his demise 15 years later. Raja Raja’s period was considered the golden age of the Cholas. He is noted for promoting art, and the Brihadeeswara Temple in Thanjavur is a testimony to his love for art and spirituality.

Diwali on November 6, 2018.

Modern day love

Love‘ obviously everyone needs that in their life. Without love or without expressing it, we can’t live or survive at some point in our life. There is something called as first love that comes as a result of attraction towards the opposite gender in our teenage. That is one of the most amazing days in our life. We get experience if we fail or we get great happiness if it clicks on mutual understanding.

We often forget that, when we grow older, our parents too grow older. We do ignore or avoid our parents when we get more commitments or when we are busily with our work. When our parents grow older they expect love and attention from their kids. It’s our responsiblity to fulfill our parent’s expectations. They were our back bone and also our guiding angels.

Pure form of love is first experienced by an individual only from his/her mother and father, from the day one of his/her birth.Though technology or time change, in this modern era, parents love towards their children will never change and will remain the same which will always be true and pure forever.

You will read about the generations of love techniques upto the modern day in this post.

There were many legendary and real life stories of love, like how one sacrifices for their love or ends their life for not living together because of the threats and problems they face in their society.

In 20th century, there were problems by some people like parents, relatives etc who were around them. Caste, race, religion, status etc were seen while marriages and it was very challenging for the commited couples to take forward the talks for marriage to their family. Some succeed, some fail. Some couples had also run away and got married inspite of their parents/family opposition, if luck in their favour they might led a peaceful and happy life.

Those days, getting into love or to impress someone was not so easy as compared to these days and to a guy, impressing a girl who belongs to an orthodox or reserved family background was so difficult like finding a water in desert island. Only few had impressed and had married their love, rest had just gave up and might decided to be single forever or marry some other girl for their parent’s happiness. Those days for some, loving was considered as a sin and some family belonging to the conservative or orthodox backgrounds do not encourage love marriage instead they encourage arrange marriage.

Though times have changed,even techniques in love had also changed. People had opened up a little as compared to before. Because of education and advanced technology, we do explore and are literate.

When i was a kid, I use to see my seniors who were teenagers that time, using basic mobile phones. For them getting a girl’s phone number they like or love and texting them and getting back reply from them was a big achievement. Indeed a proud moment and a feel of pride to them like getting an award from Honorable President or Prime Minister.

Long texts and night time phone calls were the first stage in love for impressing or making the relationship stronger in technology era.

When I was a teen, love took a new mode of dimension through technology.

Social media site named Orkut was on cloud nine and it was the first social media mostly preferred and used by the 80’s and 90’s kids.

Using internet or social media sites was restricted when i was a teenager.

When a guy likes a girl or if they want to be friends, they use to ask their orkut ids’. They were obviously from a well sophisticated background who had internet connection with computer or laptop at their home. You should note that those days computer or internet connection were neither easily available/accessible to anyone nor were commonly available at houses as compared to today. Browsing centre or internet cafes were in demand those days and was useful to those who didn’t had computer or internet connection at their home.

Though chats or adding in orkut was in minority, in majority it was talking directly whenever they meet at school or outside. You should know that even phones were not much used by the teens of those days.

Evolution started when a very famous social media website facebook started and after some years when it was updated to the current generation’s taste and time. Probably after the year 2008, social media website like facebook was used as a main tool to find love or pair. Sending friend requests to random persons and finding love or trying to find a love by chatting first and then calling for a meet had become common those days. Even many scams too used to happen and there was also security concerns and threats.

Always remember: Should be very careful whenever you go to meet a stranger after months of chats with him/her on social media sites. Meeting in open area like public places or at crowded places is much safer than meeting in private places or boarding hotels.

After facebook, mobile applications just for dating were introduced. It might be succeed in some countries but in some countries or societies it is difficult to find a pair, as the result probably HE should only keep on swipping. Even though if he finds a pair, that would be a fake profile or there would be no any reply or response from the other end, Like how some state government officials has no any habit of replying or acknowledging their emails received from others, in spite of getting paid for their job.

For love, you should leave ignorance, arrogance,being bossy or high headed. Your partner will fall in love with you, when you respect her, compromise or adjust for her, be true, genuine and loyal to her. Most importantly when you treat her like a queen and by being affectionate towards her.

We should understand that Love is very complicated in orthodox or conservative backgrounds.

If a girl doesn’t gives any importance to you or doesn’t consider you, don’t lose your self respect by following/going behind her or by trying to impress her.

Though love is very complicated in certain backgrounds, it is us who should make it simple rather than putting ourselves into trouble or stress.

There are also some who choose their partners based on his or her caste or religion. A very famous term ‘Love is blind’ is not bothered or given importance in certain societies but ‘love the one who is from your caste or religion’ is appreciated, followed and given importance in certain societies.

God is there to find and give you a perfect match or jodi. Trust the god and leave everything on him. He will give you everything when right time comes.

Studies say, Love at first sight happens only to boys as shown in our Bollywood or Tollywood movies. But for girls, a guy should have certain qualities to impress her. Like being passionate etc (some to be mentioned).

Being a friend with a girl is nothing much better than any other relationship in this world. Be her friend. If you speak to her well, she will respond you back very well.

You be yourself. Don’t Change for others. You will get a suitable match who might understand your nature and character.

Never be fake or else you will get a fake partner. Karma do pays, even in relationships.

Do not get surrendered to those who have poor mentalities or are abusive.Be very specific and careful while choosing your partner.

These days a person’s character or nature is understood and predicted by seeing their social media profiles like facebook, Instagram etc based on the posts they share. But judging someone’s nature or character based on posts they share on their social media profiles might be genuine or fake. Judging them on it and sometimes starting relationship with them can put you in trouble or might unsatisfy you while living in relationship with them.

Those love are temporary which comes on physical attraction or on their wealth or status. In pure love relationship, heart and character matters not weath or personality or status.

If you are in love with someone or want to get into relationship with someone, know him or her personally or his or her nature/character is. Rather don’t get dependent or judge on his or her social media profile or posts and take a decision that he or she might be suitable for you on seeing their posts or interests they share online.

Everyone has rights to love, but that should not disturb him or her while you approach them. If she is annoyed or irritated on you for following her or approaching her, just throw her away from your life. Just think she is not deserved for you and god or universe is still working out to find a suitable pair for you. Most of the mistake we do is, inspite of knowing that the girl doesn’t has any interest in you nor gives you importance, you still follow her or try to impress her and give importance that results in lossing your self respect. Never lose your self respect for anybody and if anyone tries to lose your self respect and defames your reputation, that partner or love is not true which doesn’t has any warranty or guaranty.

Respect your partner and treat him or her with dignity.

There are also some who take advantage on their partner’s sincere love towards him or her and also on their efforts of never letting him or her to break their relationship.

In love, not only one should compromise or adjust, it is the duty of both to adjust with their partner.Then only love lasts long.

Most of the relationships do break because they expect more from their partners. Never expect much from anyone. Expectations leads to disappointment and finally to breakup. Talk and clear everything before itself while starting a relationship.

These days you can get your pair or partner through online dating platforms or matrimony sites, but choose your pair or partner wisely. Be selective and concerned while choosing from sites or apps.

Note: Not everyone will be loyal or genuine as you expect on online dating platforms or on matrimony sites. Be selective,know well about your partner and keep your relationship private.

Most important share everything with your parents, never hide anything from them. If you might be in trouble or a victim, they will be the first to stand by you and also a good mentor or a solution to solve your problem.

Never take wrong decisions that might ruin your life.

Start loving, spread love and choose your partner wisely.

Good luck.

Navratri greetings. Rare book on Thanjavur classical art published by the Maharashtra Government in the year 1958. Only few people know about this rare and priceless book.

Rare book on Thanjavur art and classical (Bharatanatyam) dance published by the Maharashtra Government.

The book named Thanjavur Nrutya Prabandha authored by Sri.Parvati Kumar was published by Maharashtra Rajya Sahitya Sanskruti Mandal, Mumbai in the year 1958.

The author was inspired to write this book after seeing the vast manuscripts written by King Serfoji II himself on classical (Bharatanatyam) dance that was published under the title Koryanche Sahitya Jinas by the Thanjavur Maharaja Serfoji’s Sarasvati Mahal library (TMSSML).

Chapters in the book

The authentic sources and references for this book were taken from the TMSSML and those authentic sources in the form of manuscripts are still available even today. This book is not easily accessible, as only few people have this book copy.

This priceless book is used as a reference to classical artists, art historians, researchers and scholars.

This book also includes the history of Thanjavur Maratha kings with their rare pictures and also the photographs of author’s disciple Sucheta Bhide Chaphekar demonstrating hasta or mudras.

My book copy

Watch the video clip of renowned dancer Sucheta Bhide Chaphekar ji with the book copy.

Click the below link 👇

Vyomagami Part 1

Vyomagami Part 2

Sucheta Bhide Chapekar ji with the book Thanjavur Nrutya Prabandha. Image courtesy: Vyomagami (documentary on the life and work of Sucheta Bhide Chapekar).

I officially bow Sucheta Chapekar Tai for her work on my ancestors

My post to H.H Padmanabh Singh ji of Jaipur royal family after reading an article about him in ‘THE WEEK’ magazine.

Congrats His Highness Maharaja -Padmanabh Singh ji of Jaipur. I am happy to read this article on you in this monthly magazine. You are an inspiration for us.

To my friends who are reading this post, I wanted to share some facts about our young Maharaja of Jaipur (Rajasthan, India).

  1. H.H Padmanabh singh ji is the youngest Polo player to represent India in International matches. He had also played couple of matches with Prince Harry and Prince William in England.
  2. His great grandfather Man Singh II had took his horses from Jaipur to Europe and won the first polo world cup for India in 1957.
  3. H.H loves travelling. According to him travelling teaches lots of lesson. H.H has also stated a very beautiful line👇
    “It is really important to identify your own style”.
  4. He is also adapted to simple living lifestyle, as he was in boarding. He had stated in his interview 👇
  • “My boarding school shaped me the way i am. It was a tough life with strict discipline and no luxuries”.
  • His Highness had also attended Army camps when he was in school.
  • He had also stated in his interview that… “Nobody at the school has any privileges, the family backgrounds do not matter and so then you get teased because you are so and so”.
  • My opinion: In school, everyone wears same colour uniform to indicate everyone are equal and are treated equally inside the campus. Every Individual owns Self respect. Self respect has nothing to do with family backgrounds. Whether an individual or a student is poor or rich, he owns self respect. But there is a problem in some student’s mindset, ideologies and thinking ability or mentality that might may come from genes or the way their parents teach them. Being from a Royal family, we should carry our own pride and dignity. The one who doesn’t cares for family or royal backgrounds, has no family or royal background. We should not allow their frustration of not having a family or royal background to disturb us. If you are been teased for so and so, then you are not with a right person or at the right place. Some immatured ones will try to distract us like spreading rumors or talking in sarcastic manner, criticize , underestimate, degrade, defame or simply laugh on us or on our activities, if they come to know we are so and so. That is because those immatured one’s life has no mean nor they might know the purpose of their survival. If anyone teases on our royal background just ask those only one question….. Will you tell me your roots of origin? or atleast tell your ancestor names who survived before your great grandfather. They will keep mum without answering anything. Never allow others to spoil your self respect or dignity or family name.

  • Best wishes for your endeavours and success His Highness. Our prayers are always with you. Jai Hind 🙏🙏🙏.

H.H Padmanabh Singh ji

Actor Vijay’s fiery speech.

Some noted points 👇

  1. If a king or a leader is not corrupt, his Sarkar (Government) or officials under him will not be corrupt.
  2. Giving bribe has become common and a part of life to all. It is difficult to vanish corruption. For birth and death certificates, paying bribe has become mandatory. If didn’t paid for that sheet of paper, born ones are not considered as born and dead ones are not considered as dead. The lower grade officials take bribe just because their higher officials take. If higher officials are correct or right, strict and sincere in their duty, automatically the lower grade officials working under them will be correct or right and have fear on them.
  3. If a leader is strong and good, automatically his party or organization will be good and strong.
  4. One is confirmed, Justice and Dharma will always win, but it takes time.
  5. We can work hard for our victory, but there are few people or group who work hard for not allowing others to get victory. That is nature, no one can do anything with that.That is in everyone’s life. But remember one thing, life is a game and play the game carefully.
  6. While ignoring and being silent without reacting to those who provoke and irritate, your life will be auspicious, happy and peaceful.
  7. When everything goes out of hands, nature will give a perfect and deserved leader at that time and at right time to bring back the gone glory.
  8. A short story was told by him on a perfect example of being a King.

Watch his speech on youtube👇:


Courtesy: Sun Pictures.

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My 3rd book ‘I GOT MY JOB’ (Genre: fiction/thriller/philosophy). Dedicated to all job seekers who are going through their days of difficulties.

About the book:

A story of an Engineering graduate who finds it difficult to get a job. A fiction story with philosophy and thrilling climax. This story is dedicated to all job seekers who are going through their days of difficulties. Hope after reading, you will be grateful to the power of the universe which is trying its best to save us from disasters.

Available in all online platforms.

Educreation 👇


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Enjoy reading 👍.

I am looking forward for your review 😊.

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Misal Pav 😋

Homemade misalpav @ Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Misalpav is a very popular dish from Maharashtra. In 2015, the Misal Pav served at one of the Mumbai based private restaurant was named the world’s tastiest vegetarian dish at the FoodieHub Awards in London. It is not available at any restaurants or hotels in Chennai or in Tamilnadu. Here we can find it only at Maharashtrian house,which is home cooked. Whereas in Maharashtra it is commonly available at all restaurants/hotels and stalls especially to sell only Misal pav can also be seen. It is usually preferred/eaten for breakfast or evening time snack. Misal is eaten with pav or bread. Here we also eat it with chapatis or rotis 😋😋 😍❤.Misal is a very nutritious food and contains more protein.

#Misalpav #Maharashtrianfood #Homemadefood #Homecookedmeal #Maharashtriandish #Kolhapurimisal @ Chennai, India