Actor Vijay’s fiery speech.

Some noted points πŸ‘‡

  1. If a king or a leader is not corrupt, his Sarkar (Government) or officials under him will not be corrupt.
  2. Giving bribe has become common and a part of life to all. It is difficult to vanish corruption. For birth and death certificates, paying bribe has become mandatory. If didn’t paid for that sheet of paper, born ones are not considered as born and dead ones are not considered as dead. The lower grade officials take bribe just because their higher officials take. If higher officials are correct or right, strict and sincere in their duty, automatically the lower grade officials working under them will be correct or right and have fear on them.
  3. If a leader is strong and good, automatically his party or organization will be good and strong.
  4. One is confirmed, Justice and Dharma will always win, but it takes time.
  5. We can work hard for our victory, but there are few people or group who work hard for not allowing others to get victory. That is nature, no one can do anything with that.That is in everyone’s life. But remember one thing, life is a game and play the game carefully.
  6. While ignoring and being silent without reacting to those who provoke and irritate, your life will be auspicious, happy and peaceful.
  7. When everything goes out of hands, nature will give a perfect and deserved leader at that time and at right time to bring back the gone glory.
  8. A short story was told by him on a perfect example of being a King.

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