My post to H.H Padmanabh Singh ji of Jaipur royal family after reading an article about him in ‘THE WEEK’ magazine.

Congrats His Highness Maharaja -Padmanabh Singh ji of Jaipur. I am happy to read this article on you in this monthly magazine. You are an inspiration for us.

To my friends who are reading this post, I wanted to share some facts about our young Maharaja of Jaipur (Rajasthan, India).

  1. H.H Padmanabh singh ji is the youngest Polo player to represent India in International matches. He had also played couple of matches with Prince Harry and Prince William in England.
  2. His great grandfather Man Singh II had took his horses from Jaipur to Europe and won the first polo world cup for India in 1957.
  3. H.H loves travelling. According to him travelling teaches lots of lesson. H.H has also stated a very beautiful lineπŸ‘‡
    “It is really important to identify your own style”.
  4. He is also adapted to simple living lifestyle, as he was in boarding. He had stated in his interview πŸ‘‡
  • “My boarding school shaped me the way i am. It was a tough life with strict discipline and no luxuries”.
  • His Highness had also attended Army camps when he was in school.
  • He had also stated in his interview that… “Nobody at the school has any privileges, the family backgrounds do not matter and so then you get teased because you are so and so”.
  • My opinion: In school, everyone wears same colour uniform to indicate everyone are equal and are treated equally inside the campus. Every Individual owns Self respect. Self respect has nothing to do with family backgrounds. Whether an individual or a student is poor or rich, he owns self respect. But there is a problem in some student’s mindset, ideologies and thinking ability or mentality that might may come from genes or the way their parents teach them. Being from a Royal family, we should carry our own pride and dignity. The one who doesn’t cares for family or royal backgrounds, has no family or royal background. We should not allow their frustration of not having a family or royal background to disturb us. If you are been teased for so and so, then you are not with a right person or at the right place. Some immatured ones will try to distract us like spreading rumors or talking in sarcastic manner, criticize , underestimate, degrade, defame or simply laugh on us or on our activities, if they come to know we are so and so. That is because those immatured one’s life has no mean nor they might know the purpose of their survival. If anyone teases on our royal background just ask those only one question….. Will you tell me your roots of origin? or atleast tell your ancestor names who survived before your great grandfather. They will keep mum without answering anything. Never allow others to spoil your self respect or dignity or family name.

  • Best wishes for your endeavours and success His Highness. Our prayers are always with you. Jai Hind πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™.

H.H Padmanabh Singh ji