Kelvan* arranged by Her Highness Vijayamala Rani Saheb for my father’s wedding at her Palace (now known as Bhavani Mandap,Old Palace) in the year 1979.

In the picture, from left to right, Her Highness Maharani Vijaymala Saheb, my grandfather H.H Prince Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle, my father H.H Prince Serfoji Raja Bhosle, My grandmother H.H Jayamala Rani Saheb.

* Kelvan ceremony is one of the important marriage tradition followed in Marathi wedding. In this ceremony the parents or close relatives of the groom invite his family for the feast and gift are given as a token of love.Same follows at the bride place too before marriage.
This is one of the important traditions that shows love, respect and bond between the families.This tradition is being followed in Marathi wedding from years.

Β© Photograph from my archives.


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