Signature of King Serfoji II

Signature of King Serfoji II with the year above the title of the book named “VOYAGES AND TRAVELS TO INDIA,CEYLON,THE RED SEA, ABYSSINIA, AND EGYPT”. (Courtesy: TMSSML) © Copyrights reserved.
My ancestor, King serfoji ll after reading a book, had the habit of signing the book with the date and year (he read). He also use to comment on left Margin (marginal notes) in his own hands expressing his approval or disapproval of the contents of the paragraphs, which reversal his erudite scholarship and command over the foreign languages.
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Save and protect our heritage monuments and history. We Proud Indians have a very rich background and culture.Trace your roots and origin and also try to document it, if you have any evidence/records/proofs/sources etc. Never let it to get fade. There is a famous saying written by Marcus Garvey, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”. Know your roots, every family has a rich background whose ancestors might had left footprints in the society for a good cause. Unfortunately we forget it and don’t even bother to document it. We are satisfied in the present living with handsome income and enjoying father’s or grandfather’s earned lifestyle.

Only few has luck and countless privileges for being part of Royal family/blood or being associated with rich culture,arts and heritage and also to know their ancestor names from the origin of their clan or lineage. Not all has that privilege or luck. And it is their duty to safeguard their privilege, respect and dignity and it is our people’s duty to value, safeguard them and our rich heritage,arts, culture etc.
In modern century, people give importance in certain societies or regions, that are in majority. Which are in minority are not been bothered or given importance. Even if injustice is in majority, then that would be a part of a society or surrounding and a normal thing to follow it. Education, Exposure and Knowledge is the only tool and weapon to understand the right and wrong and also to fight with injustice.
There are also some people in our surroundings who think that if someone talks about history or culture, he or she might be a RSS or BJP person/ideologue or worker. Those brainless people will never knew that if someone belongs to a royal or historical background, history will be in his/her blood and his/her interest and passion. However the result will be rejection of them or not responding them. You cannot take wrong decisions on your false perceptives.
Education and ideology plays an important role. Should maintain it both equally. Good education with a bad or wrong ideologue will never balance our life. Ideology depends on your background, society and with the people with whom you are surrounded with. Choose your background and friends wisely. Being reserved, conservative, orthodox,playing cunning politics, having wrong attitude or moving like a creep, foul play each and every step to achieve something will never help anyone to get succeed or to move forward/further. Such success are temporary.Transparency is the sign of truthfulness. If you are true, loyal and genuine in your work, just make it transparent or public and share it with all simultaneously. That might inspire someone and also someone will follow your footpath and ideas for a good cause. Share your knowledge, informations you feel like sharing with others rather than keeping it within yourself, though certain informations might not be helpful or useful to you, that might be useful or helpful to others. Keep sharing, keep exploring. Good luck to all.
#JaiBhavani #JaiShivray
Pratap Sinh
Sadar Mahal Palace,Thanjavur-613009

Charming young portrait of King Serfoji II at Egmore Government Museum.

King Serfoji II had hobbies of coin collection, currency rates, wrestling, hunting, falconry, bullock cart racing,horticulture, collection of antiques and curios, paintings etc.He had also written books on cooking which is available in Sarasvati Mahal library. He also composed songs in several Indian languages capable of orchestration in western musical instruments.He was also credited by Lord Valentia who visited his Palace in 1804.

King Serfoji II also composed tunes in English. He further records as having heard “god save the king” Malbrook played in his orchestra. His greatest revival in literature, education, music, bharatanatyam and medical field and in fact his period (1798-1832 A.D) was the golden period in the history of Thanjavur. HE WAS THE RENOWNED SCHOLOR KING IN SOUTH INDIA OF HIS TIME. He had also performed the first cataract operation. He was known as Prince of Ophthalmology.

© Image copyrights reserved


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