My visit to Officers Training Academy (OTA),Chennai

The Officers Training Academy,Chennai is one of three pre commission training academies in India which trains future generations of officers for the Indian army. It is unique in that it trains officers for a short service commission and is one of only a handful of academics in the world which trains both gentlemen and lady cadets.Raised as Officers Training school (OTS) in 1963 to train emergency commission officers, the OTA was redesigned as the OTA in 1992. The academy has the capacity to train 750 officer cadets at a time.

The academy is spread over 670 acres and is bifurcated by the river Adyar which runs roughly from South to North through the academy.

Below are the photographs clicked by me during my visit. Thanks to the authorities for the permission. ยฉImage copyrights reserved.

DCCI office

Coat of arms

Major General V.D. Chowgule, Officiating Commandant and senior most officer is going to retire from his service in few days. He had served our Indian army for more than 38 years. He is the current top most official at OTA, Chennai. We salute you sir.

This block is named after Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj- Shivaji Baton
Obstacles training ground
Cadets cycling

Missile kept for display

History of tanks

War memorial
Road to go on the top of a mountain
Entrance to OTA campus
Cinema theatre
Road on the top of a mountain
View from Eastern bank of river Adyar. Most of the administrative infrastructure is seen. The Acharya training area (ATA) is located on the western bank comprises the training and sports infrastructure of the OTA
Aerial video is posted on my Instagram account, @Pratap_rpb

Panoramic view


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