Panduranga temple in TamilNadu (Thiruvaiyaru)

King Serfoji l, the ruler of Thanjavur from 1712 to 1728 A.D married a princess from the Pandharpur area and brought her to Thanjavur.The princess missed worshipping Panduranga on a regular basis and also the abhangs that were performed for the Lord there. In order to satisfy her, the King built a tiny replica of the original shrine, on the banks of the Kaveri (Cauvery), thereby making it the local equivalent of the Chandrabhaga River at Pandharpur. Bhajans were regularly performed there, as were abhangs. Panduranga temple was established around 300 years ago in TamilNadu (Thiruvaiyaru).

Know about King Serfoji I

Saint Tukaram Mint Rare coin.

Saint Tukaram is best known for his Abhang. His poetry was devoted to Vitthal or Vithoba, an avatar of Hindu god Vishnu. Vithoba temple at Dehu in Maharashtra is the home town of Saint Tukaram Maharaj who is one of the greatest exponents of the bhakti in marathi culture.

Mural of Vithoba at Maratha Darbar hall, Thanjavur. 👇

Photo courtesy: Alamy.
Photo courtesy: Rustik travel.

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