Voters in Tamilnadu get my book on 50% discounted price. Offer valid for two days.

Voters in Tamilnadu, get our book Contributions Of Thanjavur Maratha Kings- 2nd Edition for 50% discounted price after casting your vote. Send the picture of your finger marked with ink after casting vote, with your name and contact details to

Offer valid for two days (18th and 19th April 2019).


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We salute our responsible citizens who had did their duty, waiting in queues under hot sun and voted.

We have received 40+ orders in two days from our voters for the 50 percent discounted price of our book ‘Contributions of Thanjavur Maratha Kings- 2nd edition’ for them.

We will be shortlisting based on authentication and would be replying them shortly.

Hatsoff once again to the citizens who had inked 😊.


My voter ID.

Being a responsible citizen of India, it is my duty to vote. Vote for our country’s development and betterment by choosing the right candidate and Government. Never allow your vote to get wasted or let someone to cast your vote (kalla votu) for his or her personal choice or benefit. Citizens get opportunity to show their anger, frustration or to change the government by casting vote to the candidates of their choice or by not voting to those who were unfit to look after their responsibilities when they were in power and the opportunity to choose the right government or candidate comes once in five years to the citizens, use that opportunity wisely . Analysis, study and know well about the candidate or political party to whom you are gonna vote. Just remember, voting for the wrong candidate or wasting your vote by not voting can make you to suffer for the next five years. Don’t vote based on ideology, caste or religion, vote for the work they did and for the progress they made to develop our country and for the betterment/well being of our citizens. Don’t sell your vote, vote with dignity and pride, Being a citizen- it is our privilege. Encourage secularism and secular voters, vote for the right person based on their work. Our work is not upto choosing the right candidate or leader,We should also ensure that the officials or ministries/departments under them are not corrupted, ignorant, lethargic and are working well based on citizen’s convenience and treating them equally rather than illtreating, discriminating them based on their caste, social/economic status, religion or minority etc.

P.S: My views on politics or on upcoming election are not against or favourable to any political parties.

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