Chicken Shami Kebab @ Amritsar,Punjab.

Chicken shami kebab.

How it is possible to complete my Punjab trip without trying any non veg dish there.

Surjit singh ji.

I tried Chicken Shami Kebab for the first time at Surjit Food Plaza. One of the famous restaurant in Amritsar. The owner himself was present in the restaurant with his son and waiters. Owner named Mr. Surjit Singh is a very Kind and friendly person. He is very passionate on cricket, acting etc and one of the renowned person in the city. He had displayed Kapil Dev’s autographed bat which was gifted to him by the former Indian cricket captain himself- as a show piece in his restaurant with some photographs of him with eminent personalities like actors, politicians etc. After finishing my dish, i walked to the counter where he was seated – to pay bill. My eyes felt on the photographs that were sticked inside the glass on the table. After seeing it, i recognised some eminent personalities of Punjab and tried to identify their names by guessing and asked him. While he was answering in a very humbled and polite manner, i noticed a spark in his eyes and a liking for what he does and accomplished. He is a very passionate person and was enjoying his passion and profession. He is a hotelier by profession but had also did acting in small screens. After we had a short conversation, i took a photograph with him in my phone. To my surprise, he gave his phone to his hotel waiter and told him to take our photograph on his phone too and told ‘This photograph will be a good memory for me’. I was so touched by his gesture. He expressed his gratitude. He just knewed me as his customer, he never knew my other side nor i revealed. This was an example of a treatment we called ‘Athithi devo bhava‘.

Attitude plays an important role in everyone’s life and success. Humbleness, showing gratitude, politeness, respecting, treating everyone well and equally without discriminating based on their financial wealth or status – are some of the qualities which one should have for maintaining his/her business heights or levels.

* Chicken Shami Kebab is a local variety of kebab, originating from the Indian subcontinent. It is part of the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent and a popular dish in modern-day Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisines. Shami kebab is eaten as a snack or an appetizer. Shami Kebab is served to guests especially in the regions of Dhaka, Deccan, Punjab, Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Sindh.

Golden temple, Amritsar.

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Replica of Kohinoor Diamond necklace at a museum located inside Gobindgard fort at Amritsar,Punjab.

Did you know?

Maharaja Ranjit singh right from his boyhood had an ambition to acquire the Kohinoor diamond. It was at that time in possession of Shah Shuja, the Durrani monarch, who was later on defeated and captured by Ata Md Khan, the governor of Kashmir. Ranjit Singh provided asylum (the protection granted by a state to someone who has left their home country as a political refugee) to his wife and released Shah Shuja from Kashmir in lieu of Kohinoor.

Know who and all had the Kohinoor Diamond with them 👇

  • Mined at Kollur mine,Guntur Andhra Pradesh.
  • In possession of Sultan Alaudin Khilji in 1304.
  • With Emperor Badur in 1526.
  • Emperor Shaha Jahan embedded it into his peacock throne.
  • Persian Invader Nadir Shah acquired it in 1739.
  • After his assassination in 1747 the Kohinoor was acquired by Ahmed Shah Durrani.
  • It was later in possession of his descendent Shah Shuja.
  • It was gifted to Maharaja Ranjit Singh by Shah Shuja for services rendered.
  • In 1849, it was looted by the British empire after the fall of Sikh empire.
  • In 1936, it became part of crown jewels and remains in that mode as on date.
Maharaja Ranjit Singh.