Met Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan recipient Saroja Vaidyanathan at Delhi.

With the most fabulous bharatanatyam dancers of Delhi, Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan recipient Saroja Vaidyanathan and her grand daughter, Dakshina Vaidyanathan.

Attended the bharatanatyam recital of their 11 years old Japanese student. Her name is Kaname Tomiyasu, she was learning at their institute for three years, as her father was working in India. Last year her father moved back to Japan and then she started learning from them through Skype. She did her Arangetram last year before she left to Japan. The institute organised a program for her today. Admired by the passion she has on our Indian classical dance form- Bharatanatyam. Was so happy to know that Japanese people (especially women) are so enthusiast on our Indian classical arts and culture. I witnessed most of the japanese crowd in the program were observing the dance so interestingly that they lost themselves (engrossed).

Met Dakshina akka after many years and thanks to her for inviting me for this wonderful program. Missed Sangeet Natak Akademi Award recipient Rama Vaidyanathan mam today.

Got nominated for MePadvidhar award for Literature category

After seeing my three days old nephew at Maternity section of Pune Cloudnine hospital, I got this good news (posted above) within few hours 😃.

Babies are always lucky to me and i love them a lot ❤💕. Reaching upto this heights in my own efforts, facing struggles and challenges etc- is a big thing to me.

Particapate– What may come the result. Participate, Learn and Explore. What all you need in life is Exposure, Knowledge and what you learn from an event you participate or from the place or surroundings where you are in. Medals, Awards or Rewards are not so important than the exposure or knowledge you gain. Learning or Participating has no any age limit.

I thank to almighty goddess Bhavani, lord Shiva and to my ancestors for their blessings and supporting me throughout my endeavours and initiatives.

Got nominated for MePadvidhar award for Literature category.

Jai Maharashtra!
வாழ்க வளமுடன்!
Jai Bhavani!
Serfoji Maharaj ki jai!
Jai Shahaji Raje!
Jai Shivaray!
Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ki Jai!

Muslim King Nawab Ahmad Ali Khan gifted Thanjavur Maratha King Tulaja II a Ostrich bird for becoming the king of Thanjavur. The ostrich birds were not available those days in India.

Did you know?

Muslim King Nawab Ahmad Ali Khan gifted Thanjavur Maratha King Tulaja II a Ostrich bird after his coronation as the king of Thanjavur. The ostrich birds were not available those days in India.

After the demise of King Pratap Singh (ruled Thanjavur from 1740-1763 A.D), his son Tulaja II became his successor. Many kings wished him and presented him gifts after his coronation. The king got one strange gift which was not available in India that time. That was a bird, it was so amazing and was described as an
unprecedented bird whose legs height were approximately one and a half than human being’s height, like a camel’s leg. That time it was a new attractive bird for people. Muslim king Nawab Ahmad Ali Khan gifted this bird called Ostrich along with other gift, which was prodigious in those days.

King Pratap Singh.
Royal procession of King Tulaja II.

Click the below link to know about King Tulaja II 👇

तंजावरचे सहावे नरेश प्रतापसिंह राजे भोसले हे शके १६८५, स्वभानुनाम संवत्सरास (दिनांक १६ डिसेंबर १७६३)मृत्यू पावले. त्यांच्यानंतर त्यांचे पुत्र तुळजाजी राजे हे सत्ताधीश झाले. याच शकांत त्यांचा राज्याभिषेक देखील झाला. कुणा राजाच्या राज्याभिषेकानंतर त्याला इतर सत्ताधीशांनी शुभचिंतन करून काही भेटवस्तु पाठवावयाचा प्रघात आहे. तद्नुसार तुळजाजी महाराज सिंहासनाधीश झाल्यावर नवाब महम्मदअल्ली खानाने राजांना भेटवस्तुदाखल काही वस्त्रप्रावरणे तर पाठविलीच; परंतु एक अनोखी म्हणावी की नये या द्विधा मन:स्थितीत पडायला लावणारी एक आणखी भेट पाठविली. ती भेट म्हणजे- शहामृग!

आश्चर्य वाटले ना? वस्तुत: पशुपक्षी भेटीत देणे एकवेळ गृहित धरले, तरीदेखिल शहामृगासारखा तत्कालीन भारतात सहसा न आढळणारा पक्षी देणे हे तेव्हा आश्चर्यजनकच होते. या शहामृगाबद्दल वर्णन करताना म्हटले आहे,”मुतरमुरूग म्हणणार येक अपूर्व पाखरू थोर दिड मनुष्यप्रमाण उंच त्याचे पाय उंठासारिखे ऐसे पाखरू पाठविले…” याचाच अर्थ त्या काळात हा पक्षी हिन्दुस्थानात नवखाच असून, त्याबद्दल लोकांत आकर्षण देखील होते. ते असले, तरी असल्या भन्नाट भेटी देणारे तत्कालीन लोकांच्या बुध्दीचे कौतुक वाटते, हेही खरे!

संदर्भ: तंजावरचा शिलालेख अथवा श्रीमद्भोसलेवंश चरित्र

I bow to Sucheta Chapekar ji for her work she did on my ancestors and also to her team who had performed worldwide on their (my ancestor’s) work.

I bow to a person for their work they had done independently, achieved facing challenges, struggles etc. I respect them for their hard work, moral values, inbuilt qualities and dedication they show in their work or profession. I don’t bow to someone for their by-born rank, gender, discriminating attitude or for the community/caste they belong to or for their official positions or rankings. Things that you had achieved independently and the way how you treat waiters or sweepers determines you and respect is gained on how you respect or treat others.

Sucheta bhide chapekar is one of the renowned and well known bharatanatyam dancer in Pune, Maharashtra. Her Guru late Parvati Kumar ji had visited Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu), did research on my ancestor’s work on bharatanatyam, penned compositions, choreographies etc and with the help of the Maharashtra government he published the book titled ‘Thanjavur Nrutya Prabandha’ in the year 1958. This book is one of the rarest book on my ancestor’s work that exist even today. Her guru had faced lots of challenges, difficulties while the process he underwent for bringing out this beautiful book (mentioned in the book preface by the author Parvati Kumar ji himself) which acts as a main source and reference for many classical art scholars and researchers today. The copy of that book is very difficult to find in South India or even in Maharashtra.

Guru Dr Sucheta chapekar is among few who have researched Tanjore Maratha ruler’s Marathi compositions. She presented the first recital of ‘Tanjavur Nritya Prabandha’ way back in 1972 in Mumbai with her Guru Parvati Kumar ji.
Since then her students performed these compositions in all over the world. They had put their efforts to promote and show the work of my ancestors in the field of classical dance to the world. Many classical dancers in Tamilnadu or South are not aware of those marathi compositions nor show interest in it. They are busy performing their own modern choreographies or compositions. There are only few who show interest and perform on compositions or padas of Maratha scholar kings of Thanjavur or on their repertoire.

I officially bow to Sucheta Chapekar ji for her work she did on my ancestors and also to her team who had performed worldwide on their (my ancestor’s) work.

I thank Arundhati Patwardhan ji for inviting me on the auspicious day of Guru Purnima to witness my ancestor’s glory performed by charming divas 😊🙏.

Best wishes to the entire team of ‘Tanjavur Nritya Prabandha’.

Serfoji Maharaj ki Jai, Jai Shahaji Raje, Jai Shivray, Jai Maratha.

Hindustan Times Report (click the link)

Official photographs of the program 👇

video clip 01

Video clip 02

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‘Tanjavur Nritya Prabandha’ on the auspicious day of Guru Pournima (16th July 2019). Invited as Chief guest to witness the bharatanatyam performance on the compositions of my ancestors.

All are welcome.

Press report

‘Thanjavur Nritya Prabandha’ organised in ‘Anugraha’ program on Guru Pournima,16th July 2019.

‘Anugraha’, an unique dance program organised on 16th July 2019, 6 pm by ‘Kalavardhini Charitable Trust’,to mark Guru Pournima.

Unique dance program ‘Tanjavur Nritya Prabandha‘ will be presented in this program.It will held at Sardar Natu Auditorium, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan (Senapati Bapat Road). Arundhati Patwardhan, Secretary, Kalavardhini Charitable trust, informed about this programme, through a Press release.

Ten Disciples of Sucheta Bhide-Chapekar will participate in this programme. Sucheta Bhide-Chapekar will also present a dance on theme “Guru’.

From Past five years ‘Kalavardhini Trust’ have presented five different themes in the’ Anugraha’ program on Gurupournima day. Arundhati Patvardhan is daughter of Sucheta Bhide-Chapekar,also of disciple of classical dance.

Honourable Pratap Sinh Raje Bhosale, Prince of Tanjavur has agreed to come as chief guest for the program.He is the 14th descendant of Thanjavur Maratha Royal family and 6th descendant of Scholar King Serfoji II.
………. …. ………………………………………………………………………….

Click the below link to know about

Tanjavur Nritya Prabandha

Nav Sakti Newspaper 13/01/1970

My grandfather H.H Prince Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle’s interview with a writeup on Thanjavur, Tamilnadu Maratha Dynasty and Thanjavur Maharaja Serfoji’s Sarasvati Mahal Library (TMSSML) in Nav Shakti marathi newspaper.

This article was published in Nav Shakti marathi newspaper on 13/01/1970.

My grandfather’s niece (his own younger brother’s daughter) married to Himmat Bahadur Digraskar Chavan family is now at present residing in Sangli, Maharashtra.


In the photo (inset), Himmat Bahadur Nilkantha Rao Chavan Digraskar with my grandfather H.H Prince Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle.
Himmat Bahadur Shivaji Rao Chavan Digraskar (son of Himmat Bahadur Nilkantha Rao Chavan Digraskar) and my atya.