Gift from my cab driver in Delhi. Scroll down to see my ancestor’s and Tanjore paintings displayed at Delhi National Museum.

Yesterday my cab driver gifted me this stunning gold-plated Indian national flag brass lapel pin. He pinned it on my chest with pride. I asked him the reason… He told Independence Day is coming in few days and yesterday (5/8/2019) article 370 had been revoked and J & K has become a part of our country. He seemed to be a true Desh bhakth. I thanked him and after dropping me at the Delhi airport, he told to keep this flag as a remembrance of my stay in Delhi and also told me that this historical bill was passed when i was here in Delhi as their guest (he was indicating the co incidence). His devotion towards our country was admirable. We ended our conversation after saying “JAI HIND, JAI BHARATH”.

Indira Gandhi International airport,Delhi 👇

View from flight.

Tanjore plate at TamilNadu house, New Delhi.

India Gate 👇

National Museum, Delhi 👇

Musical instruments, Veena and its types.

Paid tribute to my ancestor- King Serfoji II at National Museum,Delhi.There are lots of antique Tanjore paintings and my ancestor’s portraits displayed for public there.Whenever you visit Delhi, never forget to visit National Museum.

The court of King Serfoji II of Tanjore, Maratha period Tanjore style,early 19th century cloth pasted on wood, 130 * 111 cm with frame.

King Shivaji II with his two queens.

Equestrian portrait of King Shivaji II of Thanjavur.Maratha period Tanjore style,circa 1840.

Durbar of King Serfoji II. Maratha period Tanjore style, Tamilnadu, early 19th century cloth pasted on wood and gold foil, 163* 196 cm with frame.

King Serfoji II of Thanjavur worshipping Rama and Sita in his Palace Shrine. Maratha period Tanjore style,Tamil Nadu early 19th century.Decorated with gold foil and cloth pasted on wood, 33*23 cm.

King Shivaji II paying homage to Navaneeta Krishna. Maratha period Tanjore style, Tamilnadu circa A.D 1825-50.

Tanjore painting of a women feeding her baby, early 19th century.

Thanjavur Brihadeshwara temple, company style mid 19th century.

To experience the real beauty of those paintings, you have to visit National Museum Delhi atleast once in your life time. History and art lovers, add this museum to your visiting list. © Image copyrights reserved.

Met Kolhapur Yuvraj and Rajya Sabha MP, Sambhaji Chhatrapati Kaka Raje.

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Rajghat, Delhi 👇

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