My views on ex Navy chief’s statement

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My response πŸ‘‡

Respected Arun Prakash ji (Ex Navy chief),

Appreciate and respect your views. But our culture differs when compared our country with other countries. Our India is famous for ancient temples, history, literature, arts and heritage monuments, that cannot be neglected nor ignored. It gives our country an identity and our country is unique. We should not compare it with others as all are special and unique in their own way. We have rich roots, we are not those without spines or back bones to ignore our past and concentrate in present without knowing our past or roots of origin. It is not waste of time nor will distract when someone talks about our pride. According to survey, there are less people who shows interest in our country’s heritage or temples etc and if someone talks, he/she talks for a cause, talks for spreading its importance and for an awareness purpose/reasons. They do it voluntary, they don’t even get paid or only few get less pay for talking about it or for spreading awareness on it. Well, we are also well developed in terms of technology and AI. Both are well balanced. I don’t think so it will be waste of time or may distract when talking about something where people have interest in/for their respected field or area.


2 Replies to “My views on ex Navy chief’s statement”

  1. Your well-meaning response, I fear lacked the knockout punch. Though I cannot disagree with the points you made, your response missed the woods for trees. We Indians do connect emotionally with out past and this does not cloud our approach to deal with the present.


  2. I think,even if Ajunhi reads gita ,it explains the complex mysteries of life in a simple way. It’s true with other religions also,with their principles explained in their old holy books. Even Our Space Scientist was seen reading Greta on beaches of Kerala when he was working in Kerala…

    These temples & mosques are essential for manatal peace.


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