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Our Museum ‘Maharajah Serfoji 2 memorial hall museum, sadar mahal palace Thanjavur’ has been featured on Sahapedia official facebook and instagram page. It was one of my most important initiative after taking independent charge as Social media manager of our museum. Thank you so much to Sahapedia team 🙏🙏.

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Technology has gone so advanced 🤣😂

TECHNOLOGY has gone so advanced. Oops sorry, BRAHMANISM has gone so advanced.

These days tinder app is also been used for finding matches of same caste, race, community and religion 😂🤣. If the tinder founder comes to know about it, he will definitely be holding a poster like Twitter CEO saying ‘Smash Discrimination against Caste, Community, Religion and Race in India’.😅

One request, you may have priorities and its your personal. But do not publicly reveal it or on any social media platforms openly. Those who mention such nonsense doesn’t knew the difference between casteism, racism and discrimination, and most shocking is, they try to justify and prove there is nothing wrong in it. We understand that you are well educated, intellect or may be in higher position in your profession; but what is the use of revealing about your mentality or orthodox soch (thinking) in 21st century on social media platforms, that make others to judge you. Certain things in an individual never change nor they want to change, such like mentality, soch (thinking) etc, so try to hide it rather than revealing or showing it.☺️😊

When you want to explore, you have to leave behind your background, comfort zone or community, religion etc for a short period of time. If you want to explore evolving your caste, religion, background etc, then exploring is not really meant for you.

Photo courtesy: Source cannot be revealed.

Tips to stay fresh and energized throughout the day

Yaahhh….!!! My article got published, circulated among colleagues and was pinned on notice board at my workplace. Thank you to HR team.

Last week there was an activity in my workplace where participants were given a topic and on spot were told to write 500 words in 30 minutes.

I wrote the below article from the knowledge i had on that topic without preferring google.

Do read the article and share your valuable feedback if any ☺️.

Tips to stay fresh and energized throughout the day

We are in the world where we don’t get time to relax or to take rest. Being a professional or employee it is our duty to take care of our health and also to spend some quality time on our health and with our family. We ignore or neglect to go to doctor or clinic for small health issues and in future, the same issue becomes big and causes very serious impact that result in getting admitted in hospital and paying huge bill amounts. There is a proverb ‘Prevention is better than cure‘. We have to take preventive measures before becoming a victim of sickness. When you are in a hygiene and clean environment, you will stay healthy.

Waking up early morning and doing some exercises will help you to stay fresh. Jogging, walking in garden early morning where you can intake fresh and pure form of oxygen while you breathe in, is enough for staying fresh and active throughout the day.

There are some yoga exercises that can help you to keep fit and energetic. ‘Pranayam‘ is very essential for all to maintain good physical and mental health. ‘Pranayam’ is an exercise of breathing. You can do that anywhere and anytime. But doing it early morning is mostly preferable.

According to studies and research, a person who has a routine of sleeping earlier at night and waking up early in morning and maintains his schedules, like having his meals on time, exercising early morning and cycling are considered to stay energetic and active throughout the day. Drinking more water throughout the day has good health benefits, like it helps to maintain blood pressure, flushes body waste etc. So drink more water to stay fit and healthy.

Have positive attitude towards everyone. Being positive plays an important role in everyone’s life. Negativity is a root cause for all your problems and troubles. Avoid from being Negative and stay far from Negativity. There is a saying ‘Being Positive will lead you to a healthy life and lifestyle‘. What may be your situation, try to handle it in a very positive and optimistic manner. Sometimes burden, stress, tension can also makes us sick. The art of tackling such in a very positive manner will helps us to stay far from illness and getting sick.

Avoid energy drinks that has chemical added favors. Do not consume it for keeping yourself energetic or active throughout the day. These added favored chemicals can sometimes ruin your health. If you feel sleepy or inactive while doing your work, take a ten minutes break, go for a walk or chat with your colleagues or drink tea or fresh juice. That will make you to come back on track.

Drinking lemon, pineapple juice daily or coconut water is preferred by doctors to all employees who work for eight hours daily. Drinking lemon juice helps to promote hydration, it supports weight loss, improves skin quality, aids digestion, freshens breath, prevent kidney stones etc.

Drink lemon juice and practice ‘Pranayam’ daily to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Thank you.

Pratap Sinh.

It is ‘Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’ not ‘Shivaji’.

Shame on Sony Entertainment Television and KBC team for addressing Shivaray in his bare name. These so called money minded people staying in Shivaraya’s land are doing businesses in crores, do not have sense or manner of how to address or acknowledge an eminent King who is been worshipped as God in the land where they had set up their firm/studio and earning money in crores.

Aurangazeb is addressed as Mughal Samrat, other kings in options are addressed as Maharana, Maharaja and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is addressed as just ‘Shivaji’. What kind of step treatment among the Kings is this?. Those people who might had framed these words in the option might not be a Maratha or Maharashtrian. I have one question… These so called management or officials after setting up their firm in our land, why don’t they employee our people i.e Maharashtrians/ Maratha residents or locals of Maharashtra. Why are they importing, I mean hire their employees from other States?. People from other States get settled here for money, studies or employment and do not have any knowledge of the culture, history, heritage associated with the land and the result- they will start defaming, detracting, disrespecting it. If they want to stay in Maharashtra, they should first know and learn to respect Shivaray and our culture. Shame on these people working in Sony TV and KBC.

Such acts should not be entertained again. ShivSena and other non political organizations of ardent shiv premis/bhakts should take care and should protect the self respect of our God (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj) from such Fringe people. Never let such people to pollute/ disrespect our land or rich culture, eminent historical personalities, heritage or forts. We respect those who respect us and our rich culture and heritage.

I wonder how come Amitabh Bachchan ji without knowing the great Maratha Warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s history had survived and living in his (Shivaraya’s) land for years and had got fame!

If he might had known the history, he might not addressed Shivaray in his bare name, as how he didn’t addressed the others who were in the option. He has to apologise for it.

Jai Shivaray, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ki Jai, Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra.


Click on the link to read 👇

Sony TV apologises for disrespecting Chhatrapati Shivaji as #BoycottKBC trends online

My quotes and thoughts

My opinion:

I wonder why we are living for other people or for what others think or say?. It is our life and choice is ours. If you feel to do.., do it or else don’t. Some people also boost to do thinks that are not meant for us and the result- we keep on trying, waste time and we don’t get anything out from it.

People also say ‘you cannot do’ deliberately just to demotivate or discourage you, some cheap people or characters also spread rumors about you or gossip, talk wrong things about you to others for diverting your concentration, attention towards the work you do, but these type of cheap characters/people never knew that if one’s ‘will power’ is strong, he or she can reach/ succeed his/her goals what may come the difficulties or struggles they face or go through. Rumours or hatred towards anyone never last longs. Instead of living for others, live for yourself. Spreading hatred, rumours in our society or circle is very easy, but spreading LOVE is very tough. Try what is very tough, Spread LOVE ❤😊🙏.

Some of my quotes:

Truth of life: People do not like good thoughts, they like good looks. These type of immatured people are yet to grow up in their life.

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You got two options,

1) Cry for her/him to come back


2) Be successful and make them come back!

Fight back and show your ability and capability in front of those racists who are high headed and think you are nothing in front of them.Value those people who value you. Ignore and avoid those people who doesn’t value you or take you for granted or pretend as if they are not bothered about you or ignore you just to Humiliate you.

Your life will be peaceful when you avoid and ignore Negative People. If anyone degrades or underestimates you, show your ability and capability and make them realise that you are thousand times better and advanced than them but prefer and choose to be humbled and adorable.

Pratap sinh