Margazhi 2019- Natya Kala Conference

Posted on 28/12/2019

Ancient restored mural of King Tulaja 1 alias Tukkoji at Brihadeshwara temple, Thanjavur.

Click the below link to know about King Tulaja 1 and his accomplishments 👇

Today at Natya Kala Conference, there was a presentation on King Tulaja’s ‘Sangeetha Saramirutam‘ – a standard work on the theory and practice of classical Carnatic music. The session started by 9:20 am and ended by 10:30 am. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, I reached Krishna Gana Sabha by 10:45 am 😔. Missed the session and I regretted alot for that 😔😌.

I would like to thank Rama Vaidyanathan aunty from the bottom of my heart for arranging this presentation, that was on my ancestor’s work and also to Uma Sathya Narayanan akka and Lakshmi Parthasarthy akka. I believe that they might had been given their full efforts for the justice to the topic they delivered on. There are so many works on classical art and music done by the Thanjavur Maratha Kings. I would appeal scholar artists to do research on those works and bring it out in the form of seminars or presentations in conferences. So that art students, dancers will be aware on those precious works, that might even be beneficial to them for their thesis work or research and at the same time those works would be alive rather than getting forgeted or unknown to the world.

With dancers from Pune. Sucheta Chapekar Tai and group.

I was so happy to meet known artists after a long Gap. Was so happy to meet Jeetendra anna, who works on compositions of Thanjavur quartet and on compositions of Thanjavur Maratha Kings. Recently he had brought out a very rare composition named ‘Danike‘ which was on King Shivaji II of Thanjavur via his blog.

Met ‘Thanjavur Nrutya Prabhanda‘ team, classical dancers from Pune headed by one of my favorite senior bharatanatyam artist Sucheeta Chapekar ji. Yesterday they performed on the compositions of King Serfoji II and Shahaji II for the Natya Kala conference. Unfortunately I too missed that yesterday 😔, but I had already seen that program in Pune 🙂. But such awesome programs/thematic presentations will not be enough though how much ever you watch or witness 🥰.

Was so glad to meet artists from Maharashtra- Sachidanand, hrishikesh, Vrushali, Meera chechi from Kerala who never ever forgets to invite me for her programs since 2016 and Janani srinivasan mam- editor of Sruti magazine, Kali- a very famous dancer from kalashestra, Aravinth, Mohanapriya Annan. I felt lucky that they both (Aravinth, Mohanapriya) recognised this simple soul. I thought they might had forgot me . The saddest thing was, I missed Narthaki Nataraj mam. She is an admirer to many artists. I wish we should meet definitely on the next occasion 🙏.

Long live our King’s work and artistic intelligence.

With Janaki Srinivasan, editor of Sruti magazine and Kali Virabadran, very famous dancer from Kalashestra. He was the contestant in dance Jodi dance 2.0, which gets telecast on Zee Tamil. He belongs to the Fisher community. Very hard working and had gone through lots of struggles in his life. His life and work has inspired many that a short film has been made on him and a book on him has been written.

Posted on 30/12/2019

With Rama Vaidyanathan aunty.

She was the conveyor of this year’s Natya Kala conference. A multifaceted artist, a good administrator, multi talented, was impressed with her managing and leadership skills . There are many things to learn from you aunty. Thank you for inviting me and it is always my pleasure to help you out with the literary or classical works that are related with/to Thanjavur Maratha Kings. Next year looking forward for two sessions i.e talk/presentation that would be associated with the compositions and choreographies of Maratha King Serfoji II and King Shahaji II.

With Col.Madan Mohan sir. He serves as Colonel in Indian army. He is an ardent Rasika of Indian classical art.

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A glimpse from ‘Anjasa‘ – a bharatanatyam production, showing the beauty of Buddhist monuments.

The Singapore based Apsaras arts dance company headed by Aravinth kumarasamy annan did a bharatanatyam production in the year 2017 on Thanjavur and titled it as “Tanjore – the golden age of Bharatanatyam“. The role of Kamakshi Bai– the last Maratha queen of Thanjavur, was played by dance doyen Lakshmi Vishwanathan ji. I can still remember that performance. The history of Thanjavur was well narrated. The choreography, classical songs (mostly of tanjore quartet) and narration was mind-blowing. This bharatanatyam production on Thanjavur should also be performed in various parts of Maharashtra, India especially in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi etc . That production took us back to the glorious days of Thanjavur under various rulers. The team deserves credit for patients and time they took for understanding and knowing our history and for bringing it out via classical dance form. Hats off to the entire time of Apsaras arts for their innovative productions, dedication and also for their Passion and commitment to the interest they show in our Indian history.

A glimpse from ‘Nokkam‘ – a bharatanatyam production by Leela Samson.

Mobile photography.

On the day 5 of Natya Kala Conference.

Happy 98th Birthday to the legendary K.Anbazhagan

Happy 98th Birthday to the legendary K.Anbazhagan.He is the General Secretary of DMK and a close confidant of the DMK founder C. N. Annadurai. These photographs were taken in the year 1990, when the then Maharashtra Chief Minister, Shri Sharad Pawar visited Thanjavur, Tamilnadu. He received Sharad Pawar ji officially to Tamilnadu. They visited our Palace & were accompanied by my grandfather. In the last picture, my grandfather H.H Prince Tulajendra Rajah P. Bhosle addressing in a program where they were invited as chief guest for the birth anniversary celebration of King Serfoji II in Sangeeta Mahal. Prince Tulajendra Rajah P. Bhosle was the then life member in the board of Thanjavur Maharaja Serfoji’s Sarasvati Mahal Library (TMSSML). These photographs are from our archives.

Today is my favourite day

Inspiring book. Well written. From this book I can judge how Siddharth Shirole Dada saheb is optimist in his real day to day life. Dada saheb had shared his personal experience and observations which are very inspiring.

Today Siddharth dada saheb is in a very high commanding position.But before coming to that position… Earlier, he had gone through difficulties, struggles, worst days, pain and agony etc. At a very young age, in 20s, he was under medical treatment for the complication he had related to slipped disc and doctors told it was difficult to get it cured. Dada saheb didn’t lose hope. He challenged it and came out through that complication. If he might been in a negative mindset or a pessimist, it would be very difficult to come out from that complication/health problem. This shows the power of OPTIMISM and being an optimist one can cross the hurdles how difficult it might be.

He had stated in his book that ‘What we become in life is determined by the people that we are mostly surrounded by’. From the above lines itself it is clear that, to lead a successful life we have to keep our surroundings healthy with good people. Our surroundings become healthy when there is positivity and to an individual to become positive, he has to be optimist. In our society, we run behind our enemies or those who harmed us to take revenge. We make problems and issues complicated and end ourselves getting into trouble. In the book Dada saheb had mentioned.. ‘Often conflicts are temporary in nature; with time,the set of circumstances that led to the confict changes,the thought processes of people change.

Instead of focusing on troubles, we have to focus on the solutions that will make us to come out from that trouble.

Our attitude creates our destiny. The output and attention we get is based on how we treat others. In the book Dada saheb has stated that ‘The meaning of karma is in the intention; the intention behind action is what matters. You have the right to work, but never to the fruit of work. You should never engage in action for the sake of reward, nor should you long for inaction.

Failures, rejections, humiliations etc are part of life in one’s journey. Accept defeats. In the book Dada saheb has mentioned that “Accept that not all battles can be won. If you accept that, you Just might win too.

We need quick success and money. And we too also apply shortcuts.Dada saheb has stated in the book that ‘Always climb step by step in life,one stair at a time. Similarly, if you have to come down, do so one or two steps each time. If you use the lift,it will take you to the top faster,but also get you down equally fast’.

My Best wishes to Dada and my prayers for his well being.

Be optimist, Be positive.