Well spent Sunday at Music Academy, Chennai

Yesterday from morning till evening, I was at Madras Music Academy for their Margazhi dance festival 2020. Witnessed amazing Bharatanatyam recital of Meera Sreenarayanan chechi. She performed for the composition on Thanjavur Maratha King Pratap Singh. Last year she performed on ‘Danike’ which praises Thanjavur Maratha King Shivaji the second. I missed her performance last year. Yesterday, all her performances received rousing applause, the most appropriate acknowledgement of the wonderful performance.

After her recital it was Anwesha akka’s Bharatanatyam recital.

Anwesha akka after her stunning bharatanatyam performance.

A dream of every artist is to perform at Madras Music academy atleast once in their life time. The hard work, efforts they take to reach their goal cannot be compared to anything or anyone in this universe. Well trained classical dancers have ability to dance continuously for more than one hour in their programs and the stamina and energy that they have for it is really commendable. An artist puts ten times the amount of effort and energy in his/her work or task as compared to a normal or common human being. Imagine who can dance or do their work/task continuously for minimum one hour these days. We get tired and take breaks often after doing something for minimum 20 to 30 minutes.

An artist is been made. He/she is trained vigriously to perform on stage for hours continuously. They undergo continuous practice and diets to achieve sufficient stamina and energy. The process of becoming an artist undergoes many sacrifices (may be for some), vigrious trainings, being punctual to class, disciplined and right attitude towards art and for the classical dance form they practice, being obdient to their teachers etc. There is a saying ‘A strict teacher produces a good number of disciplined and well trained artists’.

Hatsoff and salute to the Gurus and Artists for their struggles, efforts, sacrifices, pains they had gone through and achieved their goals. I would also like to add that many senior classical dancers had gone through surgeries of heel spur/bone, spine, knees etc because of the injuries caused due to regular or frequent practice. Some are advised by the doctors not to practice Bharatanatyam again and also some practice after decades or years, after getting cured. Most of the classical dancers never give up. They try their Best to get back to the form and continue their practice regularly. This shows their devotion, dedication, passion and love towards the classical dance form they practice. We do give up things or tasks that we are not able to do or that harms or injures us. We have to learn from such dedicated and passionate artists that we should never give up things that we are really fond of or passionate about. Difficulties do come, but the fruit which we get after succeeding and crossing such difficult hurdles, will satisfy u and gives a feeling of pride, honor and being top of the world.

I enjoyed padam and tillana alot in Anwesha akka’s Bharatanatyam recital. She started with a Mayura, Alarippu – Kanda chapu, then Varnam – Swamiyai azhaitodi va – ragamalika, Yarukagilum bhayama, Tottu tottu (padam) and Kalinga Narthana (thilana). The audience were stunned and impressed by her performance. ‘She came, she performed, she conquered’.Her performance received a standing ovation from artists and rasikas. She is from Seattle, Washington and a disciple of Urmila Sathyanarayan . My Best wishes for your future and success akka 🙏.

In evening, it was Rama Vaidyanathan aunty’s Bharatanatyam recital. She performed on Lord Murugan. One piece among others that she performed was probably told to be on the composition of Thanjavur Maratha King Shahaji.

Snippet from Rama aunty’s Bharatanatyam performance for the recital that was probably told to be on the composition of Thanjavur maratha King Shahaji.

After her recital, the most awaited moment came. Yes… Non other than meeting Padma shri Narthaki Nataraj mam and Chithra Madhavan mam., historian- whom I admire alot.

Finally….. Met one of the most renowned dancer who has inspired many classical dancers- Padma shri, Kalaimamani Narthaki Nataraj mam.

Inspiring video on Narthaki Nataraj mam.

Thanks to meera chechi and Anwesha akka for inviting me and making this weekend very special.

With Padma shri Datuk Ramli Ibrahim at music academy, Chennai.

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