Padma Shri Narthaki Natraj and Dakshina Vaidyanathan’s bharatanatyam recital at Madras Music Academy.

Posted on 8/1/20

I saw ‘Padma Shri’ Narthaki Nataraj mam’s performance for the first time.

Before I tell about her performance, you have to know about her. She is the disciple of late Guru Kittappa Pillai, a direct descendent of the Tanjore quartet, who were flourished during the Maratha rule in Thanjavur and had composed many songs on Thanjavur Maratha Kings and Brihadeshwara. The house of Kittappa Pillai in Thanjavur west main street was gifted to his ancestor by King Tulaja II.

Narthaki Natraj has received prestigious Sangeet natak Academi award, Padma shri from the Government of India and Kalaimamani award from the Government of Tamilnadu.She is expert in Tanjore style of bharatanatyam dance and also one of the senior most guru/trainer in Chennai for Tanjore style which is told to be the traditional gurukula style.

Yesterday she performed on the compositions of Tanjore quartet, one on Shyama sastri, Ramalinga adigalar, Thayumana swamigal, Arunagirinathar etc. They were all unique compositions. Those soulful music and songs rendered by the orchestra moved me to the tears of joy. By seeing her performance, I got a feeling of how artists performed in front of a King in Darbar or God in temple on those days. She conquered the stage and dazzled everyone with her expressive abhinaya and won loud applause from the audience. Indeed it was her first performance in Madras music academy after receiving the prestigious Padma Shri award from the Rashtrapati. I was elated and overwhelmed with joy after her performance.

Thank you so much for inviting me mam, you rocked 😊☺️.

She even told me that “if my ancestors might not been, this art form might not been developed or seen to this level which we see today”, It is all because of them and their blessings where i am today to this position in my career and profession.

A glimpse from Mangalam. Song: Pooranam, vocalist: KP Nandini sai giridhar👇

Posted on 9/1/20

On 7th Jan 2020 morning at 10 a.m, Dakshina akka performed at the Madras Music Academy. She started her recital with salam daru- on composition of King Serfoji II, which pays homage to Maisasura Mardini.

Thanjavur maratha King Serfoji II wrote that composition for the Devadasis to perform for the goddess Maisasura Mardini.

I use to watch Dakshina akka’s bharatanatyam recitals since 2016. I never missed any of her solo performances in Chennai. I always use to call her the ‘Queen of Abinaya‘ because of her natural and graceful expressions which are wonderfully mobile and eloquent. Every gesture is perfectly timed and legible.

I enjoyed her recital at the Music Academy and it was a treat for the audience. Witnessing her recitals with soulful music and songs, brings great happiness to the rasikas and artists.

This time I have decided to pay tribute to her in a very different and special way. Yess…. I have made a video for her. Posting a photo has become common and i have already posted multiple photos with akka on facebook and instagram. So this time i am posting a video and i dedicate this video to Dakshina akka and Rama aunty who had taken efforts to perform for the compositions on/of my ancestors for this Margazhi season.

Rama aunty was the conveyor for last year’s Natya Kala Conference and had encouraged artists/scholars to perform or give lecture/presentations on Thanjavur Maratha King’s literary works/compositions.

P.S: The song in the video is on Lord krishna sang by Sudha Raghuraman.

Posted on 11/1/20

I was not able to attend his bharatanatyam recital at Madras Music academy. Atleast I was able to meet him, before he left Chennai.

Meet Praveen Kumar annan, a senior and reputed bharatanatyam dancer from Bangalore. For the past several years, he performs for The Madras Music Academy’s dance festival and also for other renowned sabhas in India for Margazhi and different occasions.

He has also choreographed a thematic bharatanatyam presentation on Pandharpur Vithala and had performed across various places in our country.

They are the gem, who are the reason for spreading the richness of our culture and pride through art to others. It was an honor meeting you anna and thanks for the Hershey’s dark chocolate.

Krishna gana sabha.

His thematic bharatanatyam presentation on Pandharpur Vithala is on 8th February 2020 at Mangalore.

Click the below link to know about him in detail 👇

Know about Praveen Kumar

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