I love my India

Photo courtesy: @rvcjinsta.

Most of my friends had gone abroad for PG and after completing PG, to get settled there. When I asked few, they told “there is no any scope for me here in India nor my talent will get recognised here nor I will get flourished here for my ability or capability”. Today most of them are coming back to India leaving all their commitments there and are refusing to go back.

Even I got an opportunity to go abroad for my studies but I denied the chance thinking of my future, as its all waste for me and I have to come back to India, even though after completing studies or after working for a short period of time in abroad. I didn’t had any short term or long term goal of getting settled in abroad nor I was craze for studying there as how most of them today are. There are also some who wanna leave India or wanna study in abroad just for showing prestige among their relatives/cousins or for showing sophistication or for page3 lifestyle, Western culture/westernisation etc. Before going to abroad for studies, each and every student should think maturely of whether it is necessary for them or not and how mean and useful it would be for them. We have very good education system and colleges in our country with vast of opportunities in learning.


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