Suggested an idea to P.M Modi Ji for his Mann Ki Baat program.

Suggested an idea to P.M Narendra Modi (screenshot attached in this mail) for a talk on my ancestors in his program ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on 24th February, 2019. Hope my suggestion will get selected by his office or set of officers who are working for him to select or nominate ideas or suggestions from the portal and wish our Honourable P.M will deliver a small talk or speech on my ancestors and Thanjavur in his mann ki baat program.

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Amazing Raigad.

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Me Raigad. Me Maharashtra โ›ณ

At Raigad fort, Maharashtra (07/2/2019) in a program organised by Sahyadri Pratisthan. Honoured to be one of the chief guest in their program.

Some of my clicks below . One of the most amazing and important historical place in Maharashtra and India. Every Indian and Maratha should visit Raigad Fort before they die.

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Darbar (court) of Shivaji Maharaj.

Queen’s room, Raigad fort.

This portion at the Raigad fort was a Mantralaya (Ministry) block during Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj’s reign.

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Jagadishwar Temple, Raigad fort.
Paying homage to Shivaji Maharaj at his samadhi.

Snap with the descendents of the Sardars who accompanied Chhatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj. Had a great time with them.

Jai Shivray!

Jai Bhavani!

Jai Shivaji!

Prince. Pratap Sinh Serfoji RajeBhosle., B.Tech

Historical Photographs associated with my family. Happy Republic Day.๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

My great grandfather H.H Prince Pratap Simha Rajah Bhosle (third from left) with Vinoba Bhave (social reformer), my grandfather H.H Prince Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle (seen extreme right) at Sadar Mahal Palace, Thanjavur.Vinoba Bhave was approaching land owners to donate Land for his Bhoodan Movement. My great grandfather (a Philanthropist) donated two portions of his land from his estate for the Bhoodan Movement.
Photographs of my great grandfather,H.H Prince Pratap Simha Rajah Bhosle (father of Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle, founder of Rajah Serfoji II memorial hall museum at Sadar Mahal Palace,Thanjavur) with former C.M of Madras, M.Bakthavatsalam while donating guns and pistols with two lakh forty thousand sovereigns of gold as a war fund during Indo China and Indo Pakistan war in mid 1960s at Sadar Mahal Palace, Thanjavur. C.M Bakthavatsalam visited Thanjavur Sadar Mahal Palace twice to receive the contributions from H.H Prince Pratap Simha for our nation and also for our Country’s welfare.

Big size framed Tamil Newspaper cut (dated 18/3/1963) at Pattukottai showing the news of my great grandfather,Prince Pratap Simha Rajah Bhosle donated pistols, guns and two lakh forty thousand soverigns of gold to Indian Government as a war fund and it was been received by the then C.M of Madras, M.Baktavachalam at Sadar Mahal Palace,Tanjore.

Former TamilNadu Chief Minister, M.G.R (M.G Ramachandran) visit to Sadar Mahal Palace,Thanjavur. He was accompanied by my grandfather, H.H Prince Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle.

Former CM of TamilNadu, Kamarajar’s (extreme left) visit to Thanjavur Brihadeshwara temple with Dr.Rajendra Prasad (second from right) former President of India. He was the first president of the Republic of India. They were accompanied by H.H Prince Rajaram Rajah Bhosle, cousin of my grandfather.

Former president of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad been shown some of the valuable manuscripts at the Thanjavur Maharaja Serfoji’s Sarasvati Mahal Library (TMSSML), when he visited the place in August, 1958. Kamaraj, former C.M of Tamilnadu is also seen (extreme left). The Library named after my forefather, King Serfoji II is known for its rich collection of ancient manuscripts.

Former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi’s visit to Thanjavur Brihadeshwara Temple in the year 1965 A.D. Next to Indira Gandhi, H.H Prince Rajaram RajeBhosle is seen.He accompanied her.

Former C.M of Tamilnadu, Dr. MGR and former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi visit to Thanjavur Brihadeshwara Temple. They were accompanied by H.H Prince Rajaram Raje Bhosle.

The Father of our Nation stood for non-violence and peace and he believed that nothing but the truth shall prevail.
Note written by Mahatma Gandhi on Prince H.H Rajaram RajeBhosle ๐Ÿ‘‡.
“H.H Prince Rajaram Raje Saheb is the Prince and Hereditary trustee of Thanjavur Palace Devastanams.He has 90 temples under his Charge including the famous temple called Sri.Brihadeshwara.He has thrown open all these temples to harijans as a purely voluntary act of reparation to harijans ans thus hastened the process of purification that Hinduism is going through.It is a great and good thing that this Raja saheb has done. He deserves the congratulations of all those who believe that untouchability is a blot on “Hinduism” Segaon, Dated 29-7-1939 (Sd.) -M.K GANDHI”.
Source: The Great Temple at Tanjore, Tamil University Publication.
Former Mayor of Madras and Mysore Maharaja H.H Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar’s visit to Thanjavur Brihadeshwara Temple, year Unknown. He was accompanied by H.H Prince RajaRam Rajah Bhosle.

My great grandfather,H.H Prince Pratap Simha Rajah Bhosle (4th descendent of King Serfoji ll) greeting Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar and his wife at Sadar Mahal Palace,Thanjavur during their visit. G.V Mavalankar (27 November 1888 โ€“ 27 February 1956) was an independence activist, the President (from 1946 to 1947) of the Central Legislative Assembly, then Speaker of the Constituent Assembly of India and later the first Speaker of the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Parliament of India.

My grandfather Prince Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle with C.Subramaniam at Sadar Mahal Palace,Thanjavur.

C.Subramaniam was known as Father of Green Revolution, he was a Food minister and then became a Finance minister for Government of India. My father, H.H Prince Serfoji Rajah Bhosle (elder son of Prince Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle) is seen next to C.subramaniam. E.V.K sampath former M.P is seen standing next to my father. Photo Duration: 1972.

My grandfather with C.Subramaniam at our Palace. Year: 1972.

25th Independence Anniversary Medal honoured to my grandfather (Mother’s father), Dattatrey Dafle former DYSP, Maharashtra Police in 1972.
Sword of honour gifted by the Maharashtra Government to my grandfather (Mother’s father) Dattatrey Dafle., former DYSP in Maharashtra Police.
Former C.M of Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar visit to Sadar Mahal Palace,Thanjavur. He was welcomed by K.Anbazhagan, the current senior most member in DMK party.
Former C.M of Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar’s visit to Sadar Mahal Palace,Thanjavur. He was accompanied by my grandfather,Prince Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle.
Procession at Thanjavur (TamilNadu) after India got Independence in the year 1947.

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70th Republic Day greetings to all.


Prince.Pratap Sinh Serfoji RajeBhosle.,B.Tech

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Army Day (15/1/2019)

On this 71st Army day, let us all rise to salute the sacrifices, valour and indomitable will of our fearless men and women who guard our nation’s frontiers.

Medals honoured to one of my close relative who served Indian Army till his death.

Pictures from my Military Summer Camps that i have attended in Tatya Saheb Kore Military Academy (TSKMA) at VinyaNagar (WarnaNagar),Maharashtra in 2006 and Bhosala Military School (BMS) at Nasik in 2009.

“Warriors are not born but made in the Indian Army”.

Army Officers are trained in Officers Training Academy (OTA).

Click the below link to view the photographs posted for the first time with prior permission in my blog of OTA,Chennai campus ๐Ÿ‘‡

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Makar Sankranti Greetings to all,Regards

Opinion about my blog from my Niece ๐Ÿ˜

I’m so lucky to get a cute review/opinion about my blog ( from my niece on whom I was so craze when she was a new born baby- while i was a 2nd standard school going kid that time ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜ƒ.

Her review/opinion.

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Pataleshwar cave temple,Pune (Maharashtra).

All cities hide something which is always less explored and most beautiful, one such hidden treasure in the heart of Pune city, the cultural hub of Maharashtra, is Pataleshwar cave temple. ๐Ÿ‘‡

The Pataleshwar Cave Temple is an 8th-century rock-cut shrine hewn by the Rashtrakuta Dynasty. It’s located in Pune and is an ASI protected monument.


  1. This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. Pataleshwar- Patal means ‘Underworld’ and Eshwar means ‘God’.
  2. It has been hewn out from the single rock.
  3. Inside the caves the temple is made from an excavated monolithic rock during the reign of Rashtrakuta Dynasty in 8th century. Many if its stones date back 700 to 800 A.D.
  4. Passages, Circular Nandi Mandapa, massive pillar, crafted pillars, giant circular stones and rotunda roof are the noticeable features of the work of those days.
  5. We can find similarities between the architecture of Pataleshwar caves and Elephanta caves.
  6. According to the legends, the temple was built just in few hours by the Pandavas when they were out in exile and needed a shelter.
  7. The other names of Pataleshwar temple are Panchaleshwar and Bhamburde.

ยฉ Pratap_rpb.

Water colour painting of the rock cut Pataleshwar temple by British artist Thomas Daniel in 1803.,Courtesy: British Library.

Facts about my book “Contributions Of Thanjavur Maratha Kings-2nd Edition”

Did you know?

Our book Contributions Of Thanjavur Maratha Kings- 2nd Edition was typesetted and aligned by Tamil professionals and was edited by a Muslim editor.The book also includes the write up of Christian missionary who were close to the Thanjavur Raj and the gratitude shown by the Maratha kings to them.
Maratha Kings were not only the patron of temples, but also were the patron of Churches and Mosques.The book is evolved with the professionals of various religious backgrounds worked with/in harmony. They all are also the part of my success for the book.

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#2 Fact

#3 fact

My book ‘Contributions Of Thanjavur Maratha Kings- 2nd Edition’ completes one year from its release. 200+ copies had been sold out in one year.

#4 fact

More than 250+ photographs had been published in my book.

#5 fact

The first edition of my book was released in the year 2015 at Pune,Maharashtra.Only 300 copies were printed and all the copies were sold out within five months.

My visit to Officers Training Academy (OTA),Chennai

The Officers Training Academy,Chennai is one of three pre commission training academies in India which trains future generations of officers for the Indian army. It is unique in that it trains officers for a short service commission and is one of only a handful of academics in the world which trains both gentlemen and lady cadets.Raised as Officers Training school (OTS) in 1963 to train emergency commission officers, the OTA was redesigned as the OTA in 1992. The academy has the capacity to train 750 officer cadets at a time.

The academy is spread over 670 acres and is bifurcated by the river Adyar which runs roughly from South to North through the academy.

Below are the photographs clicked by me during my visit. Thanks to the authorities for the permission. ยฉImage copyrights reserved.

DCCI office

Coat of arms

Major General V.D. Chowgule, Officiating Commandant and senior most officer is going to retire from his service in few days. He had served our Indian army for more than 38 years. He is the current top most official at OTA, Chennai. We salute you sir.

This block is named after Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj- Shivaji Baton
Obstacles training ground
Cadets cycling

Missile kept for display

History of tanks

War memorial
Road to go on the top of a mountain
Entrance to OTA campus
Cinema theatre
Road on the top of a mountain
View from Eastern bank of river Adyar. Most of the administrative infrastructure is seen. The Acharya training area (ATA) is located on the western bank comprises the training and sports infrastructure of the OTA
Aerial video is posted on my Instagram account, @Pratap_rpb

Panoramic view