Signature of King Serfoji II

Signature of King Serfoji II with the year above the title of the book named “VOYAGES AND TRAVELS TO INDIA,CEYLON,THE RED SEA, ABYSSINIA, AND EGYPT”. (Courtesy: TMSSML) © Copyrights reserved.
My ancestor, King serfoji ll after reading a book, had the habit of signing the book with the date and year (he read). He also use to comment on left Margin (marginal notes) in his own hands expressing his approval or disapproval of the contents of the paragraphs, which reversal his erudite scholarship and command over the foreign languages.
To know about Thanjavur Maratha history, visit If you are interested to know in detail about the kingdoms and rulers of various dynasties who ruled Thanjavur (TN), buy my book titled “Contributions of Thanjavur Maratha kings-2nd edition” on flipkart or Amazon (Purchase link available on given website, in home page).
Save and protect our heritage monuments and history. We Proud Indians have a very rich background and culture.Trace your roots and origin and also try to document it, if you have any evidence/records/proofs/sources etc. Never let it to get fade. There is a famous saying written by Marcus Garvey, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”. Know your roots, every family has a rich background whose ancestors might had left footprints in the society for a good cause. Unfortunately we forget it and don’t even bother to document it. We are satisfied in the present living with handsome income and enjoying father’s or grandfather’s earned lifestyle.

Only few has luck and countless privileges for being part of Royal family/blood or being associated with rich culture,arts and heritage and also to know their ancestor names from the origin of their clan or lineage. Not all has that privilege or luck. And it is their duty to safeguard their privilege, respect and dignity and it is our people’s duty to value, safeguard them and our rich heritage,arts, culture etc.
In modern century, people give importance in certain societies or regions, that are in majority. Which are in minority are not been bothered or given importance. Even if injustice is in majority, then that would be a part of a society or surrounding and a normal thing to follow it. Education, Exposure and Knowledge is the only tool and weapon to understand the right and wrong and also to fight with injustice.
There are also some people in our surroundings who think that if someone talks about history or culture, he or she might be a RSS or BJP person/ideologue or worker. Those brainless people will never knew that if someone belongs to a royal or historical background, history will be in his/her blood and his/her interest and passion. However the result will be rejection of them or not responding them. You cannot take wrong decisions on your false perceptives.
Education and ideology plays an important role. Should maintain it both equally. Good education with a bad or wrong ideologue will never balance our life. Ideology depends on your background, society and with the people with whom you are surrounded with. Choose your background and friends wisely. Being reserved, conservative, orthodox,playing cunning politics, having wrong attitude or moving like a creep, foul play each and every step to achieve something will never help anyone to get succeed or to move forward/further. Such success are temporary.Transparency is the sign of truthfulness. If you are true, loyal and genuine in your work, just make it transparent or public and share it with all simultaneously. That might inspire someone and also someone will follow your footpath and ideas for a good cause. Share your knowledge, informations you feel like sharing with others rather than keeping it within yourself, though certain informations might not be helpful or useful to you, that might be useful or helpful to others. Keep sharing, keep exploring. Good luck to all.
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Pratap Sinh
Sadar Mahal Palace,Thanjavur-613009

Charming young portrait of King Serfoji II at Egmore Government Museum.

King Serfoji II had hobbies of coin collection, currency rates, wrestling, hunting, falconry, bullock cart racing,horticulture, collection of antiques and curios, paintings etc.He had also written books on cooking which is available in Sarasvati Mahal library. He also composed songs in several Indian languages capable of orchestration in western musical instruments.He was also credited by Lord Valentia who visited his Palace in 1804.

King Serfoji II also composed tunes in English. He further records as having heard “god save the king” Malbrook played in his orchestra. His greatest revival in literature, education, music, bharatanatyam and medical field and in fact his period (1798-1832 A.D) was the golden period in the history of Thanjavur. HE WAS THE RENOWNED SCHOLOR KING IN SOUTH INDIA OF HIS TIME. He had also performed the first cataract operation. He was known as Prince of Ophthalmology.

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Heroes of Chennai awards 2018

My heartfelt thanks to all my friends who had voted for me. It is told that i had got the maximum number of votes among the other deserved award nominees and i am pleased to have the privilege of being the youngest nominee too (age 25) in the arts and culture category. There were also younger nominees in other categories too, some to be named are Pragnanandha Ramesh Babu (age 13),second youngest person to achieve the grandmaster title in chess (sports category) and Tejaswini Ravirajan (age 16) National Gold medalist for last three years in swimming (Para Sports category). Though they might had not won the award (depending or based on Jury’s decision or so and so), they had won people’s heart. What else is needed than winning people’s heart and getting maximum number of votes from your loved ones who values your work and initiatives 😊. You had all made us already a winner and hero.

My sincere thanks to all my friends for your support and love. Your love and support is enough for me to face and tackle all the odds and pessimists in my surroundings.

I heartily congratulate L.S Ramesh ji (age 50+) for winning the heroes of Chennai awards 2018 for arts and culture category. He is the inventor of Music Chakra where anyone can learn to play all carnatic ragas and western scale musics on the keyboard by themselves. India book of records has recognised his music chakra in 2018. His music chakra was appreciated by renowned musicians named Bala MuraliKrishnan, Prince Rama Varma etc.
It is also said that singer SP Balasubramanyam uses this chakra during his concerts and recordings. His music chakra is been used to train children with special needs such as Autism, Downs Syndrome etc. It took 6 years for him to make this chakra. A deserved inventor to receive this award and more awards in future. Best wishes to him.

Once again congratulations to all the participants,nominees and winners. We have a long way to go 😊. Best wishes

#JaiShivaray #JaiBhavani


Achievement number ’10’ updated on my website page👉 . Video courtesy and credits to the organiser.


Proud to be one among the nominees for this award. Most of the jurors are educationists. The speciality of this award is, it is clean and credible. It cannot be bought or purchased using influence, recommendation or money. It is the platform where the real heroes are celebrated, honoured for their contribution and achievements.

These days there are some awards given based on influence or recommendation or also on seeing one’s community or status, not on recognising the work or service the one does for the society, humanity or mankind. Even there are some award programs where organisers demand money for honoring an award or felicitation.

If someone purchase an award for oneself or for his/her organisation then what standard or the reputation of that award will remain?

I have seen some people who are capable and achieved in their respected field or contributed to our society- been least bothered, unrecognised or neglected and because of our negligence towards them, they had left our place or society and had flourished and been valued in other place or country where they had settled. Sometimes we lose our real gems or heroes because of our ignorance or attitude.

A real heroes or achievers should be identified and recognised by our society and experts. A meaning of an award is celebrating or officially honoring or recognising the one who had contributed, achieved or worked for a cause or for the upliftment or development of/in our society or place. The standard or a reputation of an award will remain the same when it is pure. Purity is important for its quality.

Heroes of Chennai awards team had given their best to identify the real heroes of Chennai and also gave an option to public to vote for their desired nominees. They had made it transparent to make the platform clean and credible. Hats off to the organising committee and jury members for being real, true and genuine throughout their work process.

Participating is important than winning. Best wishes to all the participants and nominees and hope they will be on cloud nine in their respected field and work.


Pratap Sinh


The first Printing press for Devanagari script was started in South India by King Serfoji II.

In the picture, the logo of the press established by King Serfoji ll called the “Navavidya Kalasala Varnayantra”.

King Serfoji ll started the first printing press in 1805 A.D in Thanjavur with Devanagari script called ‘Navavidya Kalasala Varnayantra’ for producing copies of all great works in languages for wider use and circulation among public.

The journal entitled ‘Indian Antiquary’ volume-1, published in 1872 mentions that King Serfoji’s printing press was the earliest printing press, which was started for Devanagari script printing in whole south India. The Types and blocks were prepared using soft stone and hard wood. Even today the Thanjavur Maharaja Serfoji’s Sarasvati Mahal Library (TMSSML) preserves some of the books printed in press.

The Maratha kings started chatrams for catering and other physical needs of the pilgrims. Raja Serfoji II started school attached to the most of the chatrams under his control and imparted free education to village children. For the use of little children,King Serfoji ordered that the English book like Aesop’s fables to Translate into simple Indian languages in his printing press.

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Portrait of King Serfoji II at Chennai International Airport (TamilNadu, India).

The below image of my great great grandfather, King Serfoji II is displayed inside Chennai International Airport along with the other Tanjore paintings near to the waiting lounge. I was very excited to see this portrait that was very attractive. I was on the way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the launch of my book “Contributions of Thanjavur Maratha kings-2nd edition” last year.

I was very happy, surprised and over whelmed with joy to see my ancestor’s portrait and for taking his darshan before boarding a flight to Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.

©Image copyrights reserved. Removing the watermark from the image and using or posting it in other forms or by means without my permission is strictly prohibited.

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Thanjavur Brihadeshwara temple., C. 1880’s. Photographer: Unknown.

I am happy to announce the release of the second edition of my book titled “Contributions of Thanjavur Maratha Kings” with a brief history of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj, Dharmaveer Sambhaji Maharaj, Swami Samartha Ramdas, Cholas, Nayakas and Indian Classical art-Bharatanatyam. The first of its kind which includes a brief history of the eminent kings of Maharashtra and Tamilnadu apart from Thanjavur Maratha Scholar Kings. Rare unknown facts and photographs which were not brought out and unseen has been included with prior permissions. Literary activities, Dance (Bharatanatyam) and music (Carnatic) during the Thanjavur Maratha reign with the history of Tanjore Maratha Royal family and rare photographs from their collections and their accomplishments till date has been included. Apart from these, King Serfoji ll’s travelogue to the North (Kasi Yatra, Calcutta), Arcot Nawab’s visit to Thanjavur Palace during King Serfoji II’s reign and King Serfoji ll’s accomplishments in various fields including Administration, Judiciary, Arm force, Trade, Ship building etc has been included. Rare photographs of Kanchi Mahaperiyava associated with Thanjavur Palace and Kanchi Mutt’s history with Thanjavur has also been included. There are 200+ rare photographs included in my book with unique history written. The book will be released on December 2017 and will be available worldwide (online sales of hardcopies and e-book).

With the blessings of Goddess Bhavani and my ancestors, I was able to finish the book successfully (A historian may know how much efforts it takes and he undergoes while writing the book on historical subject😊). And I also thank my people for their support, encouraging and motivating words.

King Serfoji ll renovated Brihadeshwara temple.He installed lightning rods on the vimanam (tower) of the Brihadeshwara temple. He also commissioned artists to paint murals and frescoes on the temple walls and ceiling. As a patron of inscriptions, he had the history of the Bhosle dynasty inscribed on the south western wall of the Brahadeshwara Temple. It is considered to be the lengthiest inscription in the world. He renovated and nurtured many temples built by kings of other dynasties. #Nugget

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Nominated for ‘Heroes of Chennai award’ for the arts and culture category

I am happy to inform that i have been nominated for ‘Heroes of Chennai’ award for arts and culture category.
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Acknowledgement letter from Mysore Palace #Diwali2018

Acknowledge from Mysore Palace. I am touched beyond words. I am so happy to be informed that His Highness of Mysore, YKC Wadiyar ji was pleased to read my article that was published in U.S.A based Maharashtrian Magazine. Thank you for your kind words and wishes.I am overwhelmed with joy, gratefulness and happiness for your generosity 😊🙏.

King Serfoji II- as a Patron and Composer

He was a great writer of many fine works, author of many Kathas and Natakas as well.He was master in the science and art of music and dance.He had himself composed special dance compositions in Marathi for being utilised in the bharatanatyam program.

Himself an author of many sabda, varna, pada, svarajati, abinaya pada, tillana, gita, prabandha, kavuttuvam, alaru, jatis and korvais, he patronised the famous exponents of dance (nattuvanars) during his life time namely Gangaimuttu, Sabhapati, Subbayan, Ponnayya, Vadivelu,Cinnayya and Sundari. During his time, music and dance were also viewed as regular careers. He started a school for imparting oriental learning and this was the ‘Nava Vidya Kalanidhi’. The Sangeet Mahal was used for holding the music concerts, dance performances and for artistic purposes. Sangeet Mahal was been alloted with Rs.5208 in the state budget for its maintenance.

One of his favorite court dancer named Sundari had a privilege to perform on Vijaya Dasami and was honoured with Rs. 20 (those days it was a huge amount). She had also the unique honour of performing on special occasions like Navaratri, Diwali and so on. Lavani was flourished during his reign. He was also the composer and writer of many Lavani songs. His Devendra Kuravanji and Tristalli Tirthayatra Lavani are interesting compositions. His interest in western music, both in its theoretical and practical aspects, is also evident.

Source: TMSSML

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Kelvan* arranged by Her Highness Vijayamala Rani Saheb for my father’s wedding at her Palace (now known as Bhavani Mandap,Old Palace) in the year 1979.

In the picture, from left to right, Her Highness Maharani Vijaymala Saheb, my grandfather H.H Prince Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle, my father H.H Prince Serfoji Raja Bhosle, My grandmother H.H Jayamala Rani Saheb.

* Kelvan ceremony is one of the important marriage tradition followed in Marathi wedding. In this ceremony the parents or close relatives of the groom invite his family for the feast and gift are given as a token of love.Same follows at the bride place too before marriage.
This is one of the important traditions that shows love, respect and bond between the families.This tradition is being followed in Marathi wedding from years.

© Photograph from my archives.

Navaratri Golu and other festivals

Today navaratri golu is incomplete without keeping Tanjore dolls in display. Tanjore dolls were brought to Thanjavur by Maratha King Serfoji II in the early 19th century. The kolu tradition was popular among the royal families of Thanjavur and Pudukottai.

Page no: 199 of my book ‘Contributions Of Thanjavur Maratha Kings- 2nd Edition’.

  • Golu at my Neighbour’s house

  • Mylapore Kapaleshwarar temple golu

Panoramic shot.
Rasika Ranjani Sabha,Mylapore.
  • Saraswati Pooja at my home
Prasadam: Kantoli (Kokni Dhondas).
Books i have authored.
  • Ayudha pooja
Sword of honour.

Raja Raja Cholan’s Sadaya Vizha (19,20th Oct 2018)

Raja Raja Cholan born as Arulmozhivarman, the second son of Parantaka Cholan II and Vanavan Mahadevi.He is considered an unequalled monarch who ruled the entire south India. After the death of his brother and crown prince Aditya Karikalan, there was political instability in the country. To put an end to this, Raja Rajan asked his uncle to take over the thrown and ascended it only after his demise 15 years later. Raja Raja’s period was considered the golden age of the Cholas. He is noted for promoting art, and the Brihadeeswara Temple in Thanjavur is a testimony to his love for art and spirituality.

Diwali on November 6, 2018.