Misal Pav πŸ˜‹

Homemade misalpav @ Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Misalpav is a very popular dish from Maharashtra. In 2015, the Misal Pav served at one of the Mumbai based private restaurant was named the world’s tastiest vegetarian dish at the FoodieHub Awards in London. It is not available at any restaurants or hotels in Chennai or in Tamilnadu. Here we can find it only at Maharashtrian house,which is home cooked. Whereas in Maharashtra it is commonly available at all restaurants/hotels and stalls especially to sell only Misal pav can also be seen. It is usually preferred/eaten for breakfast or evening time snack. Misal is eaten with pav or bread. Here we also eat it with chapatis or rotis πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ 😍❀.Misal is a very nutritious food and contains more protein.

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Rare Gems-a non vegetarian gourmet collection from Maharashtra

A book titled ‘Rare Gems- a non vegetarian gourmet collection from Maharashtra’ received from its author Aditya Mehendale ji. The author has documented many rare recipes in his book. Some to be named are Saoji mutton, Nagpuri Kala pulao, shahlyatle maase, shevand koli masala (lobster with koli spices and green mango), Pomfret curry with triphal, catfish curry, malwan spice mix, pathare prabhu spice mix, mutton curry with roasted coconut, Biriyani with prawns cooked in coconut milk, Kolhapuri Kombdi Dum Pulao (Slow cooked chicken pulao), spiced rice with mutton and eggs etc.

Biriyani with prawns cooked in coconut milk.

The book also includes the photographs of the cooked recipes too. In fact more than hundred rare recipes associated with Kolhapur, Pathare Prabhu, koli, konkan, Malwan, Nagpur Saoji and Varhadi has been documented with the photographs in this book. The book is available online in flipkart and amazon. The Author belongs to the Sardar Raste family. He is passionate about food and cooking. In his introduction in the book, he had started with the following beautiful linesπŸ‘‡


My best wishes to the author and for his book.

The foreword for this book is written by Minister Prakash Javadekar ji.

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Portrait done by my grandfather gifted to me by Chennai based Numismatist

Chennai based numismatist, Venkataraman Prabhakar sir gifted me a portrait of my ancestor, King Serfoji III drawn and painted by my grandfather, Prince.Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle. He got this portrait ten years back from an antique retailer. My grandfather was a lover of Tanjore art and he himself worked on many royal portraits. He did portraits of all the Maratha rulers of Thanjavur and some are still displayed at Sadar Mahal Palace’s private museum.He signed all his completed portraits as T.R Bhosle (that means Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle).In this portrait he had mentioned the name of the King and the year of his reign, my grandfather’s signature is seen and in extreme right, the relationship of him with the king (stated as grandfather). This portrait is drawn after seeing the authentic Tanjore painting of King Serfoji III which is at our Palace museum.

(Note: the numerical number after the name in the portrait might be misplaced).

Heartfelt thanks to Venkataraman Prabhakar sir for handing over it to me and also for well preserving it for years.

“I must thank God who used me as a tool for this great art to get back to its original place, where it belongs”- Venkataraman Prabhakar.

To know about King Serfoji III and my grandfather Prince Tulajendra Rajah Bhosle, click the below link πŸ‘‡

Marathas were not only Warriors, but also polymaths

History has evidence to prove that Marathas were not only Warriors, but also Polymaths. We are proud of our great Indian kings who had contributed to our society and land. Their duties, achievements and sacrifaction will always be remembered though time or modern attitude of an individual towards our history or kings change.

Image copyrights reserved.

Do you Know?

It is said that King Serfoji II of Thanjavur had used a Kuravanji drama to teach geography.

King Serfoji II knew Marathi, Tamil, Sanskrit, Malayalam, in addition to Latin, Greek, French and English. He was a great scholar, who expanded his library (Sarasvati Mahal library) and brought 400 books of science and technology from England,Europe, France and Germany. He was an astronomer, a naturalist and an educationist and even performed cataract surgeries. He was very advanced for his time.

Article about my work in Maharashtra Times, Nagpur edition. Thank you for this article. #JaiBhavani #JaiShivray

Thanjavur Maratha kings were also the patrons of Dargah (Mosque)

Nagore Dargah. Periya Manara (fifth Minaret).

Periya Manara (fifth Minaret) of the Nagore Dargah was built by King Pratap Singh in Hijiri 1177 year (according to Islamic calender) and has been designed in Maharastrian Architecture. The height of the Minaret is 131 feet. It is taller than other four Minarets of the dargah. It is infront of Shrine’s main entrance.

King Pratap Singh (left) and his son Tulaja II. Courtesy: from my archives.

One of the tallest Minaret was built by King Pratap Singh (ruler of Thanjavur from 1740-1763 A.D). He built the tallest of the five minarets (called Periya Manara locally) with a height of 131 ft (40 m) once his wish was fulfilled.The Marathas of the later period were patrons to the dargah.

Nagore Dargah (also called as Hazrat Syed Shahul Hameed Dargah) is a dargah built over the tomb of the Sufi Saint Hazrath Nagore Shahul Hamid (1490–1579 CE). It is located in Nagore, a coastal town in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Shahul Hamid is believed to have performed many miracles in Nagore, and cured the physical affliction of king Achutappa Nayak, a 16th-century Hindu ruler of Thanjavur. He is locally referred as Nagore Andavar, meaning the “god of Nagore”. Nagore dargah as it stands now, is believed to be built by ardent devotees of Shahul Hamid, with major contribution from Hindus. There are five minarets in the dargah, with the Hindu Maratha ruler of Thanjavur Pratap Singh (1739–1763 CE), building the tallest minaret. The dargah is a major pilgrim centre in the region that attracts pilgrims from both Islam and Hinduism, symbolizing peaceful coexistence between the two religions.

Maharajah Pratap Singh (1739–1763 A.D.), the Hindu Maratha ruler of Thanjavur prayed for a son and built one of the five and the tallest minaret (called Periya Manara locally) with a height of 131 ft (40 m) once his wish was fulfilled. The Marathas of the later period were patrons to the dargah, with the Maratha king Tulaja ll, the son of Pratap Singh, donating 4,000 acres (1,600 ha) of agricultural land to the dargah. Then the Maratha King of Thanjavur endowed the village called ‘Elakadambanoore’ as his Gift. Then Maharajah Tulaja ll presented 14 other villages to Dargah as his Gift. During the last quarter of 18th century, when there was conflict between European powers, the Nawab of Arcot, the Maratha kings and Tipu Sultan of Mysore over Thanjavur region, the dargah was considered strategically important by all of them.

Nagore Dargah.

King Serfoji II (ruler of Thanjavur from 1798 A.D to 1832 A.D) continued the endowments to muslims initiated by his forefathers. He sent Chadra and fatiah materials to Nagore Dargah, which had traditionally received the munificence of his forefathers for prayers during the annual khandhoori festival. He was also the patron of the Thanjavur Bade Hussein Dargah.

King Serfoji II (left) and his son Shivaji II. Courtesy : Peabody Essex Museum.

Every year, even today we give offerings to the Nagore Dargah i.e saffron flag (saffron flag is given from the time of king Pratap Singh), shawl (that will be put on the tomb of the saint) and sweets. In return, we do receive the mosque honours on the first day of their festival.

Happy Ramzan in Advance. #MyPostForRamadan

Eid Mubarak in advance to all my friends. When crossing Kutchery road after work in hot noon, my eyes felt on Ajmal Biriyani centre and remembered the good reviews that it has got. Remembering the reviews made me to rush inside the shop. It was my second time visit there. Ajmal Biriyani in Mylapore has become more tastier than before. One plate chicken biriyani Rs.110 with extra rice.The biriyani was more tastier than before, which i tasted a year back. I guarantee you, that you can’t stop yourself from asking extra rice after your biriyani gets over πŸ˜‹.The Only problem there is, Parking. There is no place for your vehicle (4 wheeler) to get parked. You have to park somewhere 1 or 2 kms away and start walking to your destination in that area.

Ajmal’s Chicken Biriyani

Biriyani is a royal food. It is made to mark the celebration in olden days. Today biriyani is a kind of food/dish that after seeing it we get happiness and feel stress free.

Lets start #GuessThePlaceChallenge

After #IceBucketChallenge now its #FitnessChallenge. I got one idea from it. Why don’t we people post some good and rare picture from our surroundings and challenge to recognise that place. Let’s start #GuessThePlaceChallenge. That might atleast spread awareness of the places which is in our locality or surroundings. I will start the game 😊. Anyone interested can reply and forward the challenge by posting the picture and tagging someone whom you want to identify the place name.

I challenge my blog readers to guess the place in the below picture 😊😊. #GuessThePlaceChallenge

Guess the place.

#2nd Post

Many failed to answer it correctly.

The above photograph was taken in CSIR Madras Complex.

Thanks to those who participated and took it forward 😊.


Chennai Super Kings (CSK) wins 2018 IPL Trophy

From my album, Pratap Sticker Collections (PSC).

Congratulations CSK for winning the 2018 IPL Trophy. As being a cricket fan from childhood, I had a hobby of collecting photographs of cricketers who played for my favourite team India and CSK. Not only that, I use to make album of tournaments held, like IPL T20 or ICC World Cup and include the whole coverage in it (as shown in the pics) . The source of the photos were newspapers and sports Magazine called ‘SportsStar’. I have five volume books under the name Pratap Sticker Collections (PSC). I started it when i was in 6th Standard (2005) with sticking kollywood actor’s pictures in my first volume book, then stickers of racing bikes and cars (1st and 2nd Volume) and on sports (3rd, 4th and 5th volume). The last image i sticked in my book was in the year 2011, after team India winning the 2011 ICC World Cup. I have still preserved and kept those five volume books. Anyone interested are anytime welcomed to see those books 😊.

Glimpse from my album, PSC.

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For those who are hearing ‘Aamras Puri’ for first time. Here is it’s history πŸ‘‡.

Aamras puri is a Maharashtrian dish. Very famous in Maharashtra in the month of Mangoes I.e in MAY. You can find aamras puri in every hotels and houses across Maharashtra in this month.

Aamras and puri makes good combination like idly and chutney.

Aamras is a thick shake made from mangoes as seen in the below photograph. Aamras can be made from any types of Mangoes, but Alphonso type of mangoes are preferred to get delicious and yummy taste. In Maharashtra, Alphonso type of mangoes are always in demand and have huge export and import market for it’s taste.

In south, during mango season aamras puri are only made in houses by Maharashtrians settled there as it is not available at Restaurants, hotels etc. But today at least some youngsters are taking initiative measures to get available and to spread awareness on this dish in south. Aamras also tastes awesome when eaten with chapathi.

The word aamras is derived from Sanskrit word ‘aam’ means mango and ‘ras’ means juice. Juice of Mango.It is also known as ‘Amra’.

In the book ‘A Historical Dictionary of Indian Food’, KT Achaya, India’s most illustrious food historian,cites the fruit’s first mention as amra in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, written around 700 BC.

When Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru hosted President John F. Kennedy for a state dinner in Delhi in the 1960s, he served Alphonsos imported from Mumbai.

Only we have the talent of making Aamras puri into Amrish puri.Namma alu Pani Puri akame vitane, athu variko sandosham πŸ˜‚.

Homemade puris and Aamras at Jaipurya Restaurant,Chennai.

Finally πŸ˜‹. I would like to thank all my friends who suggested me places for Aamraspuri in Chennai.I had a huge thirst for it and finally it is satisfied πŸ˜‹. MAY month in the year is incomplete without mangoes and Aamras . I choosed Jaipurya- The desi Gourmet which is in Egmore for Aamras puri. This restaurant is known and famous for Lassi . They have various kinds of lassi some to be mention are Banana lassi, Dates lassi, Strawberry lassi, Oreo lassi, blueberry lassi, orange lassi, dryfruit lassi, Mango lassi etc. When I posted yesterday in a Chennai based foodie’s group in Facebook asking for the recommendations/suggestions for the places where aamraspuri is available in Madras. I got a reply from the restaurant owner and he told they have various recipes/dishes/products (whatever it’s called) made from Alphonso mangoes such as Lassi, Sandesh, Kheer, cream, aamras etc. They actually don’t serve Aamras puri. Seeing my desire to eat aamras puri the owner specially arranged Aamraspuri for me. That was so kind of him. I also tasted lassi (Malai Favour) for which they are famous . I would wish to rate 10/10 for aamras and malai lassi.But for Prices and Puris (that were homemade) I would like to rate 8/10.

Malai Lassi